Switzerland – Greetings from anarchist comrade Marco Camenisch


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Translated by act for freedom now
We receive and transmit words from anarchist prisoner Marco Camenisch:
Greeting letter to the compas of ‘NO CURE, FUCK YOUR CONTROL, a meeting against prison and social control on the occasion of the 6th international symposium of forensic psychiatry’ in Zurich.

[…] I’ve ‘come to terms’ with my recent transfer, but not with the related SURPLUS of hand writing, which adds to that concerning the story of ‘under arrest/Urine test’.
I greet you with this letter, where I also want to write down an update following my declaration at the beginning of the year, an update you’ve been expecting since then.
According to ‘new’ internal regulations (introduced in
Poschwies and Lenzburg, as far as I know), since around 2009
Urine tests can be demanded by the health service, various chiefs (the equivalent of Italian Brigadieri) and the prison governor; and it is prison governors who authorize possible sanctions (for infringement of the rules by subordinates). In this way, naturally, the doors to oppressive and arbitrary behaviours towards single prisoners or groups of prisoners are opened up, as well as a ‘witch hunt’, i.e. proper mass screenings hunting for spliffs, procedures that are being zealously enforced also by health operators (‘nurses’… guards!) at Lenzburg.
My Urine test of the beginning of 2012 was ordered by the secretary of the director of Poschwies, which at the time had taken over the ‘officer for sanctions enforcement’ of the prison of Lenzburg three times a week, as the officer in charge – a sort of vice governor – was recovering from myocardial infarction. The Urine test resulted negative, and I ‘officially’ declared that in future I’d refuse to submit to such tests, which were oppressive and humiliating in themselves’, but which were even more so when being enforced: under the gaze of two guards/voyeurs, equipped with rubber gloves! The Urine test of the beginning of 2014 was ordered by the deputy of the Head of security service (the Head who was also absent at the time); previously I had been informed that the executive authority of Zurich – Feldstrasse is their den – had requested a report on my behaviour to be submitted by January 2014, but this was never done. The last Urine test was ordered in May 2014 after yet another, and this time more official, request of a comprehensive report on my behaviour, which was to be used in the annual review of the parole board, a review ordered by the ‘Feldstrasse ZH’ and to be completed by August/September 2014; it was also ordered immediately before the end of the six-month sanction prohibiting computer use– a sanction that added to 5 days in solitary confinement for refusing to undergo Urine tests; this string of sanctions all due to ‘one reason’ added to the ‘innovations’ introduced around the year 2009. They obviously knew I’d refuse and consequently I’d be banned from using a computer for another six months.
This introduction explains how their targeted oppression/provocation along with the ‘longa manus’ of Poschwies and Feldstrasse ZH cannot be ignored. Probably the Urine test of May was ordered/plotted by a ‘nurse’ as ‘routine check Urine test’… It must be also said that the fact I’m only an occasional consumer of marijuana is generally known by the prison administration – especially as my ‘overkill’ of hand writing requires a mind more lucid than cheerful…
I come to your initiative now: I find it excellent like your pamphlet; I could only add countless practical examples, first of all one relating to Poschwies: an old paedophile, who as a child had been taken away from his parents and destined to be a working animal – a fate concerning many children and adults interned and enslaved by the Swiss authority since the seventies/eighties for reason of ‘protection’ of people who were nomad or had a ‘messy, dissolute, etc.’ lifestyles, a crime committed by the authority that is now hypocritically trying to ‘remedy’ – a working animal at the service of ‘honest’ citizens, who also abused him sexually. He made request for anti-trauma therapy to Poschwies, but was told that they only did ‘crime-orientated’ therapies, and if he wanted an anti-trauma therapy he had to organize it and pay for it.
Not by chance the catchphrase of this symposium dominated by modern, fascist, Lambroso-styled and by now digitalized psychiatry is NO CURE, BUT CONTROL. Obviously this process of pathologization being implemented in prison is part of the general technological trend of State control, surveillance and punishment aimed at the total control and exploitation of bodies and minds, societies and the environment. ‘No cure’ generally means reduction of health and environmental services an increase in total control – with the aim of the total exploitation of all aspects of life, each life, each ‘resource’, where everything is bound to become a ‘resource’. This includes Urine tests, DNA tests, GPS and detectors controlling everybody and everything, from prisoners to trees and eagle owls, from the workplace to cars and bikes circulation, from consumerism to Alpine mountains being destroyed… hello, IBM!
Even if it is wrong to focus on justice, persecution and sentencing in order to locate this trend, it is absolutely appropriate to mention it in this context and ‘place’, where it stands out with particular clarity and where, indeed, also the ‘vanguard’ of this trend stands out, a neo-fascist-techno-scientific trend worth of Big Brother. Nothing is more obvious: it is necessary to put an end, once and for all, to the evil activity of the ladies and gentlemen of all sorts, of politics, science, economy, repression, etc. Therefore, to unveil these crimes and plots and their responsible becomes a first decisive step, and this is what I appreciate and welcome of your initiative, and this is very important in the spreading of awareness and criticism on the huge dimension of the totalitarian process. This initiative is part of a decisive step and at the same time, as our compas of ‘Free Alps’ in Cuneo say, ‘A THOUSAND WAYS, ONE AND ONLY GOAL: FREEDOM’.
In this way, I greet you all warmly  and in solidarity.
Marco, Bostadel 2 giugno 2014

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