Bologna, Italy – Update on the trial for the facts of Piazza Verdi.


Posted on 17/07/2014 by Velen(A)
Translated by act for freedom now
The facts of Piazza Verdi (by act for freedom now): on 13th October 2007 at around 4am a girl is sleeping in piazza Verdi in Bologna. Police on patrol decide that the girl’s behaviour is ‘abnormal’ and must be corrected by compulsory sanitary treatment (TSO), which means internment in a psychiatric hospital and forced administration of psychotropic drugs. The cops call the ambulance while keeping the girl under their custody against her will.

Five comrades of the anarchist place ‘Fuoriluogo’ witness the episode and cannot help expressing their contempt at the police. They do their best to prevent the arrest of the girl. The police’s response is brutal: armed with truncheons and guns they chase the comrades. As the latter run off, six more police vans are called on the scene and the short escape ends in piazza San Vitale. The 5 are handcuffed while being severely beaten by the cops.
The charges against the comrades are: aggravated robbery (the cops have lost a pair of handcuffs), resistance and damage (of a police van in which one of the comrades had been taken). The 5 are immediately imprisoned in La Dozza prison (and remain in jail for almost a year). In the evening a spontaneous march in solidarity with the arrested anarchists goes through the streets of Bologna. Some of the demonstrators decide to express their solidarity also through ‘dangerous’ graffiti on the walls of the city. Caught by Digos officers, they are arrested and tried summarily: Juan and Bogu are sentenced to 10 months and taken to prison, whereas another three comrades are put under house arrest.
 On 5th July 2014 at 3pm the last session (before the sentence) of the trial for the facts of Piazza Verdi (2007), set up against five comrades, was held.
Prosecutor Simone Purgato’s requests were examined: he demanded sentences ranging from 6 years and a half to 7 years and a half.


The real lunatics are outside!
 Unconditional solidarity with Madda, Fede, Faco, Sirio and Juan, on trial because they tried to prevent the enforcement of a TSO order in Bologna on 13th October 2007.
At 4am in Piazza Verdi, medical operators backed by cops tried to forcibly put a young woman on to an ambulance in order to take her to a psychiatric hospital for forced treatment.   After witnessing the scene, the five comrades intervened to hold back the medical operators and free the girl. The cops’ reaction came quick: truncheons, chasing and call for backups (6 police vans).
After unsuccessfully trying to run off, our brave comrades were arrested and jailed. Among the charges set up against them (as a warning to those who bravely interfere with the arbitrary power of the State) is the charge of robbery (according to the cops, the comrades stole handcuffs, a two-way radio and a gun during the beating they were inflicted).
Anarchists in solidarity
From the media of the regime:
BOLOGNA – From 6 years and a half to 7 years and a half for five anarchists of Fuoriluogo: this is prosecutor Simone Purgato’s demand for sentencing following the night of clashes with the police that took place in Piazza Verdi in Bologna on 13th October 2007. In particular, the prosecutor demanded 7 years and a half for Cristian Facchinetti, considered a ‘leader’, and Federico Razzoli; 7 years for Maddalena Calore and Antonio Juan Fernandez Sorroche, 6 years for Sirio Manfrini. The charges are robbery (for stealing a cop’s pair of handcuffs and a one-walk radio), attempted robbery (for trying to steal a gun from a cop), instigation to committing crime, violence and threats. Lawyers for the five cops who got injured in the clashes also demanded compensation ranging from 1,500 to 5,000 euros.

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