Italy – Communiqués in solidarity with the comrades arrested on 11th July in the context of the struggle against the TAV


Translated by act for freedom now
 Lecce, solidarity from Occupied Binario 68
 11th July, 4am: State violence has yet again stricken the struggle against the TAV devastation. In Milan and Lecce police raided the homes of three comrades on orders of Turin prosecutors Rinaudo and Paladino, the same men responsible for the repression that has been unleashed against social struggles for a long time, as demonstrated by the eviction of occupied spaces in Turin on 3rd June and the arrest of Chiara, Mattia, Claudio and Niccolò (9th December 2013) following an action of sabotage on a TAV construction yard.
 For twenty years Val Susa inhabitants and comrades in solidarity have been struggling – with any means necessary – against a project devised by tycoons and backed by the EU in defence of the truncheons of the Italian State.

 Uranium and asbestos spillages, military occupation of the valley, violent police repression on those who rebel against these injustices: this is reality in Val Susa. But the reverberation of that struggle overcomes all regional borders and frees us from the feeling of impotence in the face of the gigantic projects of power. The NO TAV struggle, in fact, is a symbol of total rebellion against the ruling class – politicians, the military and businessmen – that want the bulldozers to slice the valley open.
Today our comrades were arrested and accused of having participated in the action of sabotage [in May 2013]. Investigations, arrests and imaginary theorems are being used to criminalize the attacks that strike the ‘Great Works’ of power.
The struggle against the high speed train doesn’t stop in Val Susa because rebellion spreads everywhere, as shown by the struggles against the TAP gas pipeline and Route 275 in our region. NO TAV is a shout against the harmfulness produced by the system, the devastation brought about by progress that spreads poison in the name of economic development.
Solidarity, expressed through all sorts of free actions, gives continuity to the struggles of those who are brutally isolated in prison.
Free Graziano, Lucio and Francesco! FREEDOM FOR ALL!
War on State terrorism!
Occupied Binario 68, Lecce
Solidarity from Trento and Rovereto
Early this morning armed and masked political police raided six homes between Milan and Lecce. Three anarchist comrades, Francesco, Lucio and Graziano, were arrested and accused of having taken part in an action against the TAV that took place in Chiomonte between 13th and 14th May 2013, the same action following which Chiara, Mattia, Claudio and Nico have been imprisoned since 9th December 2013. Another comrade was searched following a police syllogism: as he’s a friend of one of the arrested, it’s very likely that he too is involved in the sabotage on the TAV…
As far as we know, the three comrades were not charged with ‘purposes of terrorism’, but with a string of other offences (damage, arson, violence against public official, transport of explosive devices, etc.). Prosecutors – the inevitable duo Rinaudo and Padalino – wanted to press terrorism charges but the judge ruled it out following a recent sentence of the Court of Cassation concerning the arrests of 9th December.
The Turin prosecutors’ frenzy continues and once again it’s anarchist comrades who pay the consequences.
As the real terrorists are bombarding Gaza (and to the guardians of the International Law, the destruction of houses and orphanages and the murder of civilians is just ‘excessive use of force’), those who resist the devastation of life and the earth and support the practice of direct action and sabotage end up in jail.
As it is the case with Chiara, Mattia, Claudio and Nico, for the comrades arrested today the best form of solidarity is to continue to attack the TAV and the economic and political interests behind it.
We are accomplices in solidarity, as usual.
And as usual we are such in our own way, which is not that of bringing the NO TAV flag with the name of the arrested to municipal administrators.
Freedom for the comrades.
Love and anger.
11th July 2104
Anarchists from Trento and Rovereto




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