Chile: If we risk our lives, it is because we know that its the only way to make them ours.


Via contrainfo

Translated by Act for freedom now!

During the first two weeks of May 2014, according to the Press, were placed ten explosive and incendiary mechanisms.
We write this text in order to claim the responsibility for one of those mechanisms. For security reasons we will not reveal which one of all it was, but it seems necessary to us two months after our cancelled action, to underline the existence of various groups with the intention and commitment to attack.
We believe that if we do not communicate, the opportunity to share ideas and experiences that could be discussed and be useful to other groups and comrades. By saying the above we are not pretending that this is the right way, but rather that it is necessary to analyse and cultivate the mutual opinion exchange that contributes to the sharpening of actions.
If the matter was to only claim successful attacks, we would have to hide other actions that failed, resulting in the discrediting of the courage and decisiveness of individuals ready to attack.
Our action was no triumph, but neither do we feel defeated. All this motivates us to look for improvements that will lead us to the realization of our aims. Through this text we want to contribute to the dialogue concerning the necessity to balance between the availability for attack and the efficiency of our attack.
That is to say, between the materialism of action and the ideas that support it. The use of weapons or/and violent actions do not have a political content on their own, the ideas they are based on are those that give them such a character
. We recognize the necessity of justifying the memory and militant solidarity, feeling very close to the actions of comrade Mauricio Morales and the comrades in the “security” case, and we will never remain unperturbed before the convictions imposed by society on our brothers and sisters.
Until next time
Action Group Nikos Romanos

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