Italy- Words from anarchist comrade Graziano Mazzarelli from the prison of Lecce


Translated by act for freedom now


We receive and transmit a letter from Graziano from the prison of Lecce:
 Prison of Lecce 17/07/2014
 Hi everybody,
I’m very well, and 4 guards on the cross won’t be enough to put me down! I’m in the C2 unit of the prison where all the other prisoners are ex 41bis or men who made troubles among social prisoners; there’s no snitch and this is good.  However I now know everybody and have no problems; I even got a nickname, ‘GRAZIANO LU TERRORISTA’ [Lecce’s dialect for Graziano the terrorist], all over the prison.

The cells are small and in bad conditions but they have a toilet with a sink and a bidet, and they are single. They are place one next to the other and there’s nothing on the opposite side, so that we can’t communicate much. The food is not really bad, and there are many ways to have a good meal and I already know them all. There’s much solidarity among prisoners, this is for sure. Drugs are regularly distributed but no one take them, apart from a prisoner. I even met the monk and priest of the prison but I don’t think he’ll show up again because he was a bit upset. Prosecutors from Turin ordered that I wouldn’t meet any prisoner. I went to the exercise yard on the first day only; they took me, alone, to a kind of closet 7-8 metres per 2.5, very dirty, and I could resist a quart of an hour before asking the screw to take me back to the cell. Since then I’ve refused to go to the yard. Moreover I don’t do sociality because there’s no prisoner subjected to the regime I’m being inflicted.
Visits are on Tuesday but I haven’t seen anyone yet because, as I said, they didn’t let my father in.
To change subject, as soon as news of our arrest spread last Friday, comrades from Lecce organized a demo outside the prison of Borgo San Nicola, at around 6pm till 8pm, and I heard them well but I don’t know if they heard me. Every evening some prisoners’ relatives come over and light fireworks and firecrackers. I take this occasion to tell everybody that it’s my birthday on Wednesday 23rd July and I expect a big party out there…
I know that today starts the camping initiative of struggle in the Valley, and that there’ll be many comrades and they’ll be very combative! But be careful because comrades are needed more outside than inside! (COMING FROM ME THIS IS FUNNY) Try to keep me updated on everything that happens outside. Write to me and send empty envelopes and stamps.
NU BACIU A TUTTI [Lecce’s dialect for kisses to all]
Monsieur Graziano
To write to Graziano:
 Graziano Mazzarelli
C.C. Borgo S.Nicola
Via Paolo Perrone 4
73100 Lecce

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