Italy – Words from anarchist comrades Chiara, Claudio, Niccolò and Mattia from the bunker courtroom


Translated by act for freedom now
We receive and transmit a letter written by Chiara, Claudio, Niccolò and Mattia in the bunker courtroom where the ‘Bulldozer trial’ against the NO TAV resistance is being held:
From a cage in the bunker courtroom of the Vallette prison, Turin 16th July 2014
On 11th July another operation orchestrated by the indefatigable prosecutors from Turin concluded with Francesco, Lucio and Graziano being taken behind bars. As spectators and unwilling protagonists of this paradoxical show called trial, they are accused of having taken part in the action of sabotage following which we are being held in this cage today.
We are not interested in the circumstances that led to these arrests or in the tricks used by investigators to spy on our lives, their brilliant insights and their expertise in setting up impressive incriminating theories. The way they get excited while babbling words of satisfaction at the press is just another demonstration of their miserable lives.
We simply want to express our closeness and love to Francesco, Lucio and Graziano and to all prisoners. We hope that the enormous solidarity we’ve been receiving from anywhere in the most varied forms in these months, will punctuate the rhythm of their days as it did to ours.
Always with our heads held high
Claudio, Nicco, Chiara and Mattia

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