Campaign against the legislation for the creation of high security prisons, from 13/6 to 22/6/2014

After a communication between the prisoners in greece with the International Red Aid (RHI) in switzerland, they responded to the call and thus was organized a campaign of solidarity and counter-information against the legislation for the high security prisons. In collaboration with the RHI many spaces in different cities took on the organization of an event with this thematic.
ITALY 13/6/14
The event took place in Rovereto, with a large participation, it was also recorded in order to be broadcasted on three free radio stations in Italy. An interview was also given for the free radio station of Milano.
Event took place in Zurich and was also recorded on order to also be broadcasted from the free radio station (RadioLora). Another event-projection of documentary Cries in Betonapo from AKAKRAK BERLIN (referring to the revolts in greek prisons in 2007), took place on 19/6/14. also, on 6/7/14 there was an interview concerning the developments in prisons but also the voting in of the legislation for the special detainment conditions in RadioLora.
GERMANY 17/6/14
Stuttgart, 19/6/14 Dresden, 20/6/14 Magdeburg, 21/6/14 Berlin, 22/6/14 Hamburg- Events and their recordings in order for them to be broadcasted on radio stations. Also there were two more interviews for hamburgs’ free radio station and there was one more on 1/7/14. In all cities there were events or actions in solidarity with the prisoners on 19/6 which was also the international call to solidarity with the struggle of prisoners in greece.
During all this the text-call out for the international action day (19/6) against the legislation was translated into german, english, italian and turkish, as well as the texts by the different assemblies and announcements of prisoners. There was a constant update of the current news from the prisons. At the same time channels of communication and constant information were created. Also, through the networks of RHI, Red Aid in Germany (RoteHilfe), the individuals who run the campaign against law 129 (A and B -the equivalent of 187a in greece-) and the social centres that participated, these updates reach also the prisoners in Germany. Some of them have already sent their solidarity and support while more specifically imprisoned fighters Marco Camenisch (imprisoned in switzerland), Oliver Rast and Andreas Krebs (incarcerated in Germany) have sent comradely greetings to the events for fighting prisoners in greece and speak of the attempt to organize a hunger strike in prisons where they are held as a token of solidarity with the hunger strikers there. Something that was eventually called since they call for a hunger strike from the 18th to the 20th of July, in which prisoners from germany in switzerland.
From all the cities and the people who supported the events, solidarity is expressed in many ways*. Their eyes are on g
reece also. Where there are still acute resistances, where there are still people who fight against the existence.
The struggle continues with any means…
Until the destruction of the last prison
Solidarity is our weapon
We are not whole, the imprisoned fighters and fighting prisoners are missing
*In various cities i.e. hamburg, Zurich, Marseille, London, Dresden, Brussels, banners were hung with solidarity slogans against the new legislation as well as many slogans spray painted on central streets of those cities.
In Berlin (2/7) the group “Subersive of nihilistic act” claimed responsibility fro the arson of the car of the greek consul.
In New York (3/7) there was a solidarity gathering outside the greek embassy, after blocking the entrance they hung a banner and shared out texts.
In Zug, Switzerland (13/7) an arson attack was carried out on the headquarters of Coca Cola Hellenic Bottling Company (HBC). The communique was signed “Für eine revolutionäre Perspektive”.

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