Turin, Italy – Initiatives and actions in solidarity with arrested and investigated comrades [updated 18/6/14]


 From informa-azione.info
Translated by act for freedom now

Here follows a list of initiatives and actions in solidarity with the comrades arrested and investigated following the repressive operation orchestrated by Turin prosecutors on 3rd June 2014.
ROME – 3rd June
 300 comrades expressed solidarity with the activists hit by repression in Turin. A spontaneous and noisy march blocked a part of the Quadrante Est in Rome for a few hours.
From Turin to Rome not a step back!
Accomplices in solidarity
Freedom for all
 MILAN – 3rd June
In the late afternoon about sixty people in solidarity improvised a demo in Piazzale Cadorna, opposite the railway station, for a couple of hours, with speeches, leaflets and banners such as ‘The struggle for homes can’t be attacked’, ‘Solidarity with the Turin comrades’, ‘From Turin to Rome let’s occupy and defend our homes’
TURIN – 3rd June
After a meeting at Asilo Occupato, a spontaneous march set off through the streets of the neighbourhood: solidarity graffiti, daubing of banks and attacks on ATMs.
From macerie:
Turin. After a busy meeting at Asilo Occupato, we decided to improvise a march in the streets of Aurora. In the pouring rain, a hundred people chanted for the liberation of the many arrested comrades. Other people at windows, bars, side roads expressed solidarity, and all agreed that the only unwanted ones in our neighbourhoods are the police.  Everyone here knows what being evicted means, and many have learned to face evictions not as if this was some personal disgrace but as an act of resistance, postponement after postponement; many know what living under the blackmail of a residence permit is like, a permit which is not there in most cases, under the constant threat of police checks.
Lecce – Solidarity march
 In the afternoon of Thursday 4th June a demo was held in the centre of Lecce in solidarity with the comrades arrested and investigated in Turin following the police operation of 3rd June. Crossroads were blocked for about half an hour with banners, distribution of leaflets and speeches. Later the march moved to the suburbs of the city.
Rovereto: premises of the PD party trashed in solidarity with the comrades from Turin.
From the local media we learn that in the night between 3rd and 4th June the premises of the PD were trashed with red paint. Graffiti were left: ‘Those who execute evictions are fascists, be they leftist or right-wing’, ‘Solidarity with the comrades from Turin’, ‘PD=Repression’.
5th June
Bologna – Unknown people trashed and smashed the windows of the PD party premises on via Galliera. Perhaps someone didn’t appreciate the words pronounced by PD regional secretary Gariglio after the arrests in Turin.
7th June
Ravenna – In the morning a group of people demonstrated in solidarity with the comrades arrested on 3rd June and distributed leaflets to passers-by. They also managed to be heard by prisoners and greeted Andrea and all the other prisoners in the jail of the city.
Vercelli – In the evening, a consistent group of comrades gathered outside the walls of the prison where Fabio and Marianna are locked up. They stayed there for over two hours and managed to communicate with the prisoners.
Alessandria – A dozen people descended to the prison in order to greet Daniele. Chants, slogans and shouts in solidarity with the comrade and all other prisoners.
Asti – In the afternoon people in solidarity gathered outside the prison where Michele is locked up. The demo lasted over two hours with chants and speeches in solidarity with the comrades arrested on 3rd June.
Biella – A dozen people gathered outside the prison in the evening for an hour in order to greet Beppe and the other prisoners, who could hear and reply to speeches and chants.
Aosta – At around 7pm, the prisoners of the jail where Toshi and Paolo are locked up heard big noises. Outside, a consistent group of enemies of the prison did their best to make themselves heard, and from inside the answer came strong and warm: shouts and beating of the bars.
Turin – About 80 people in solidarity demonstrated outside the Vallette prison, opposite the wall of unit D, where Nico and Claudio are locked up. Speeches, sound system and chants went on for about two hours in spite of the massive deployment of antiriot cops.
Bologna – People in solidarity with the comrades arrested in Turin distributed leaflets and left graffiti in the neighbourhood of Bolognina, and informed passers-by about the operation that led to 17 arrests in Turin.
8th June
Cuneo – Twenty people in solidarity gathered outside the prison to greet Francesco and all other prisoners. The latter managed to communicate how Francesco had already been transferred from the Nuovi Giunti unit and welcomed the demo by beating the bars.
Paris – 10th June
source: indymedia nantes
On Sunday 8th June, under a hail storm, 8 ATMs were sabotaged with foam and hammers, while the windows of two estate agencies were smashed in Pré-Saint-Gervais and Pantin [near Paris]. A small example of our anger at exploiters and evictions enforcers.
Solidarity with the arrested comrades within the struggle against evictions in Turin.
Let’s destroy what destroys us.
17th June
Cremona – From the local press we learn that in the night of 17th June the premises of Aler (a construction company) on via Manini in Cremona were trashed. Messages were left in solidarity with the comrades hit by recent repressive operations, evictions and attacks on those who organize themselves in the struggle for homes: ‘Stop evictions’, ‘Solidarity with those who resist’, ‘Solidarity with the comrades from Turin and Bologna’. In the night, an action against a branch of Intesa San Paolo resulted in the trashing of the windows of the banks and graffiti in solidarity with the prisoners of the NO TAV resistance.
18th June- Bologna
From anonymous mail:
‘The noise of the windows of CarisBo on via Fioravanti in Bologna, smashed in the night of 18th June, is meant as an embrace to the comrades from Bologna and Turin arrested in recent raids.
CarisBo, a subsidiary of San Paolo bank, is involved in the construction of big works and urban planning projects.
Freedom for all!
The struggle can’t be arrested!!’
End of June – Rome
We learn that an office of construction company Progedil went in flames in Rome in solidarity with the comrades arrested and investigated in Turin on 3rd June. Now the office won’t be able to contribute to the construction of a new residential area. Before the flames went off, they sent a salute of freedom to Fabio, Michele, Andrea, Paolo, Toshi, Chiara, Claudio, Niccolò, Beppe, Francesco, Daniele, Marianna and Nicolò.

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