Attack on targets related to prison: Barrage on Bazaar in Athens – Greece


Translated by Act for freedom now!

With this act of ours, we are contributing to the constellation of
struggles inside and outside the walls that are developing against the
new law for prisons.
Highlight of the mobilisation was the hunger strike with the
participation of over 4.500 prisoners in all the prisons of the Greek
territory. One of the biggest strikes in numbers by global standards,
that lasted one week, overcoming all the organisational difficulties
within the prison environment.
The demands of the hunger-strikers included the withdrawal of the law
and others related to the terrible conditions of detainment. Conditions
that have been demonstrated in the recent past with riots and struggles
like those of drug-addicts and of prisoners with serious chronic health
problems against the non-existent health care of the prison hospital.
Prison is not just a status-quo out there somewhere for some who made a
wrong choice or were unlucky enough to end up in prison. Prison is the
invisible fence that continues from that thing we can call society as we
live it, it’s the continuous way to control and channel the poorest ones
and the oppressed social groups.

We shouldn’t forget that prisons are full of immigrant populations, a
fact that was also pointed out in the demands made by the hunger
strikers. At the same time prison is a permanent choice of the state
authorities for the repression of radical struggles when these become
dangerous. In other words, the capitalist normality in which we live,
would not exist without the confinement of a part of the population.
Even more today that the period of privileges is ending and the
possibility to end up in prison comes near even to those of the middle
class. The “emergency state of crisis” has been exposed. It can’t be
more obvious now after this law that was voted from “above” for prison
restructuring. It makes perfect sense from their side to maintain their
world and privileges intact. They are organising the new world of
discipline with the division of the lower class but also with
consolidated control systems.
The new law, after all, puts some order in the prisons. An A type prison
for all those who dare commit financial crimes against property. For a
broad part of society, which in order to maintain their material
survival will have no other choice than financial illegality. In a few
words, it’s about a step further in criminalising property. Because, we
must not forget, the law gives at the same time the chance to big
entrepreneurs and the rest of their kind that have money, the ability to
pay off before the trial even starts, without spending even a day in
Another prison, type B, foresees hosting the crowd of usual “criminals”
-those known also as “penal”- that have answered the conditions of their
lives with violence, going beyond the norm of legality.
Of course we will not argue about whether some scumbags exist among
them. This possibilist argument does nothing other than cover the
function of punishment and confinement, which is the same as that which
produces and reproduces their criminal subjects.

Lastly, third prison, type C, – the one we we’re all waiting for – aimed
for those whom the state sees as the biggest threat and foresees their
detainment in continuous isolation for at least 4 consecutive years.
These concrete graves will be the destination of the prisoners that dare
to resist inside B type prisons and for ones with life sentences. But
also in these graves all those charged with criminal organisation, the
epitome of the state’s antiterrorist hysteria-campaign, will be put
immediately. In addition, the new law is using every means to divide
prisoners, to turn them into enemies of themselves, institutionalising
the act of snitching, giving rewards even up to prison release to those
that give useful information about their inmates. In a few words, this
law without any pretext comes to exterminate people who struggle against
modern capitalistic barbarity, aiming thus at the passivisation of the
antagonist movement.

With these acts of sabotage and damage, we give a promise to ourselves
and obviously to the rulers, that we will not forget any comrade inside
those dungeons.
We are not going to let anyone who contributes to their existence live
in peace.
We organise and attack targets that earn money from their connection
with prison, we managed a symbolic and material strike by disassembling
a piece of the profit-chain of the technical/material support, of the
“naive” business activity which completes the necessary condition of
prison existence.
In the early hours of Tuesday 8th of July, we smashed Bazaar
(Supermarket store) which supplies Korydallos prison in Koukaki on
Veikou rd., in Kipseli on Kerkini rd, in Marousi on Agiou Konstatinou
rd. and in Vironas. areas of Athens)
Also a shop of the Nivacom company that sells surveillance and security
systems was trashed in the area of Ilisia on Oulof Palme Rd.
Solidarity with the prisoners’ struggle. We support it ethically,
materially and politically. The fight goes on.
No maximum security prison ever anywhere.
Until the demolition of the last prison and the last concentration camp
left standing.

Network of antiauthoritarians

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