Canterbury: Anti-police and military graffiti scrawled on the window of the Army careers office – uk




Offensive graffiti has been sprayed on the Armed Forces careers office in Canterbury.
The anti-military and police slogans were daubed in purple paint on the centre in St Peters Street overnight.
One read “F**k the Army” while another, scrawled on the door, read “ACAB” which is thought to stand for “All Coppers Are B******s” (oh really? haha)
Staff arrived at work this morning to find the foul-mouthed messages, but they have since been scrubbed off.

Army spokesman Sarah Kingshott said: “We can confirm the graffiti incident did happen.

“It wasn’t just the careers office that was affected. Because other shops were involved, it has become a police matter…”
It is thought the neighbouring Barretts car showroom was also targeted by vandals, but no one was available for comment.
source: local army & police daily

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