Spain – Update on anarchist comrade Gabriel Pombo Da Silva


Translated by act for freedom now
We receive and transmit:
On Wednesday 6th August comrade Gabriel Pombo Da Silva went out of temporary solitary confinement (to which he had been subjected on 17th June in the prison of A Lama) and was moved to the prison of Topas (Salamanca), where he arrived on 8th August. He’s being held in a single cell. As soon as he arrived he was notified control on all forms of communication (by writing, telephone and visits).
The prison administration also makes recourse to a string of measures and harassment in order to take its revenge on those who like Gabriel, Francisco, Monica and many others refuse to submit.

Among other things there are numerous attempts at disrupting the prisoner’s relations, like making contacts with the outside difficult – and at times impossible, and taking him away from his friends by moving him to other modules, as happened to Gabriel three days after his arrival in Topas.
These dirty tricks typical of Power and Authority are not surprising; they are part of the repugnant prison routine and of the blackmail of ‘good behaviour’ and of the tactics of carrot and stick.
We know that and we don’t intend to accept it. We’ll be monitoring the situation of imprisoned comrades and above all we’ll continue to struggle against the machine that wants to suppress us.
From both sides of the wall, let’s destroy what destroys us!
For Freedom,

 16th August 2014

Per scrivere a Gabriel ( sembra che nel carcere di Topas possano entrare le pubblicazioni con deposito legale):
Gabriel Pombo Da Silva
Centro Penitenciario  de Topas – Salamanca
Ctra. N-630, km. 314
 37799 Topas ( Salamanca )

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