Italy- A message on the NO TAV itinerant camping from imprisoned anarchist comrade Chiara Zenobi



Translated by act for freedom now

We receive and transmit:
Even if it arrived late on the margins of other considerations, we think it important to publish a message written in the second half of July by Chiara and addressed to the participants in the NO TAV summer itinerant camping.
The lines that follow refer to the fact that among the scheduled initiatives some NO TAV activists had proposed to hand in a FREE MATTIA CHIARA NICCO CLAUDIO flag to the mayors of the towns concerned, a flag to be waved on the balconies of town halls. This initiative, as well as all the others, was discussed during meetings at the beginning of the camping; and it wasn’t carried out in the end, in respect of the different positions that animate the movement.

We also engaged in a debate that resulted in a text. Chiara, who was in solitary confinement in the Vallette prison at the time, sent what follows:
Damn! I thought I’d get by with the solidarity communiqué, but…
It’s very nice to feel the warmth of so many people who get close to you as a protection shield. But it’s hard to be on everybody’s mouth. One never knows what can be said about you and on your behalf. Excuse me, but as an unrepentant anarchist I can’t imagine a flag with my name on it to be waved along an Italian one and a European one on the balcony of a town hall. All right, I know, it’ll end up in a drawer, but that’s the same. What can you do? Ideas are hard to die. And luckily so. I love you all.


Chiara’s address is:
Chiara Zenobi
C.C. ‘Rebibbia’
Via Bartolo Longo, 92
00156 Rome

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