Italy – Prisoner on struggle Maurizio Alfieri’s declaration to the court via video-linking.


Translated by act for freedom now
It is with significant delay that we received the declaration Maurizio made to the court via video-linking on 9th May in Trieste. Sadly there was no demonstration of solidarity in the courtroom because lawyers were sure the trial would be postponed. After having escaped prison and court, Maurizio’s words can now be heard.

‘Mr Judge, I’ve got no need to defend myself in this trial because it was built on false charges pressed by the prison governor of Tolmezzo so that the court could put someone on trial. Today in this courtroom you’re defending a pseudo-camorrista, who with the complicity of a number of banks has destroyed entire families by forcing small companies and craftsmen to sell out their activities through threats, intimidations and beatings; and you said that Valerio Crivello and myself offended the honour and reputation of Mario Crisci!
This trial is a shame and you don’t need wearing a mask to hide the crimes you’ve always covered in prison, especially in Tolmezzo.
Freedom for my NO TAV comrades Chiara, Claudio, Mattia and Niccolò who were arrested on charges of terrorism; for the terrorist is the State, which expropriates, devastates, pollutes and militarized the territory.
Long live anarchy, NO TAV now and always.’
To write to him:
Maurizio Alfieri
Via Maiano 10
06049 Spoleto (Perugia)

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