Italy – 7th September: demo outside the migrants’ detention centre of Ponte Galeria (Rome)


Translated by act for freedom now
On Sunday 7th September a demo has been called in solidarity with the imprisoned immigrants of Ponte Galeria.

Fortress Europe is about to implement more measures of control on sea and land borders: a newly built fence separates the border between Bulgaria and Turkey; more money is going to finance the activity of Frontex, which so called ‘Operation Mare Nostrum’ by the Italian government is part of; the borders of Melilla (Spanish colony in Morocco) and Calais (northern France) are becoming increasingly militarized; for the first time a private vessel set out from Malta in order to monitor the sea with the help of border guards, real mercenaries, and drones.
Deportations continue, but at the same time the number of newcomers at the detention centre is increasing: more and more people are coming from the sea and directly into the cages of the detention centre, while police raids are emptying the streets of the city (like in Pigneto) and the coast of Lazio. 120 people – 90 men and 30 women – are currently imprisoned in the detention centre of Ponte Galeria, where their inacceptable condition as prisoners led them to stage protests and hunger strike, extreme acts of self-harming and escape attempts, some of them successful, throughout the month of August. In spite of the fact that Frontex has suspended deportations to Nigeria owing to the Ebola outbreak, detention centres are still full of prisoners from this country.
Deportations from Europe, the final enactments of the deportation machine, are taking place in silence except when someone dies: it is the case of Abdelhak Goradia, imprisoned in the detention centre of Vincennes, France, who had managed to resist deportation a few days earlier and then died of asphyxiation on 21st August, while he was being taken to the airport by police.
Let’s show our solidarity with those who struggled for freedom in the summer: Sunday 7th September, 4:30pm, gathering at stazione Ostiense; 5:30pm, demo outside the Ponte Galeria detention centre in solidarity with the prisoners on struggle.

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