Italy – Words by anarchist comrade Toshi on the protest in the prison of Aosta, where he’s being held.


Translated by act for freedom now
 We received some extracts of a letter written by Toshi, an anarchist comrade held in the prison of Brissogne (Aosta) following the repressive operation against resistance to eviction orders (Turin, 3rd June 2014).  In recent weeks several prisoners had been protesting at the increase of the price of gas canisters imposed by IAS Morgante Srl (a subsidiary of giant Arturo Berselli Spa) by refusing to buy prison supplies.
Brissogne, 02/09/14

On Monday 11th August, as stamps and tobacco – the supplies distributed on Mondays -, were being delivered we got confirmation of an increase of the price of 190-gr gas canisters, from 1.50 euros to 2.50 euro each.
Everybody spontaneously resolved not to tick any gas ganister on the shopping list that would be handed out on Thursday.  On Thursday 14th August, as shopping lists were being filled by prisoners, the majority of them had joined the protest.   Obviously in social units this can be discussed more widely, and in fact on the following week, the one starting on 18th August, the proposal for a total refusal of the prison supplies begun to circulate; and in this case too most prisoners agreed with it.
A letter is sent to the prison governor, and he promises – but it’s only rumour, no notes appear on notice boards in the wings – he’ll get in contact with other prisons in order to compare the price of gas canisters. It seems that the increase is due to a new security valve fixed on gas canisters.
In the week starting on 25th August prisoners begin to be upset at the idea that they won’t get any supply. Things stay the same while the governor is silent and discouragement spreads. Coffee and sugar are the most missed items (as tobacco and stamps are always ticked on shopping lists).
The head screw nonchalantly confirms that the price increase is definitive and irrevocable.  On 28th August the majority of prisoners fill their shopping lists as usual, in spite of the warm demo outside the prison, which was held on the 27th amid firecrackers and loudspeakers in support of the protest. This week prisoners will get their supplies. Very few of them are carrying on the protest, and are planning to better organize it, for example by stocking supplies in order to resist longer.
Here are the prices of gas canisters in different prisons: Asti 2 euro/ Vercelli 2 euro/ Alessandria San Michele 1.80 euro/ San Vittore 1.17 euro/ Busto Arsizio 2.07 euro/ Aosta 2.50 euro.
To write to Toshi and Paolo:
Toshiyuki Hosokawa
Paolo Milan
C.C. Località Les Iles 14
11020 Brissogne (Aosta)

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