Santiago, Chile – Police operation unleashed after recent explosive attacks leads to three arrests


From RadioAzione
Translated by act for freedom now
In the early hours of 18th September 2014 police raids were carried out in response to recent explosive attacks.
The police operation concluded with the arrest of three comrades: Natalie Casanova Muñoz, Juan Flores Riquelme and Guillermo Durán Méndez.
Police didn’t disclose the identity of the arrested comrade for a whole day. According to press and police reports, arrests were made thanks to the examination of CCTV footages relating to the attack on the underground line on 8th September.
The press also reported that the arrests were related to some recent explosive attacks, in particular those of 11th August against police stations claimed by International Conspiracy for Revenge and those against the underground line claimed by Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire-Chile.   Natalie, Juan and Guillermo were taken before a judge in the afternoon, where the magistrate demanded an extension of the investigation before the charges were officially pressed (the antiterrorism law allows this kind of extension in Chile).
For now we only know that the three comrades, who have duty solicitors, denied all charges.
Update will follow…

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