Modena, Italy – 21st September: presentation of the Crocenera Anarchica editorial project at Laboratorio Libertario Ligéra


Translated by act for freedom now
Sunday 21st September, from 5pm: presentation of the Crocenera Anarchica editorial project The editorial project of the ‘new Black Cross’ has the precise goal of becoming a place for ideas based on the importance of destruction practices: it is no longer sufficient to use the words ‘direct action’, at a time when they seem to have taken the meaning of everything and its opposite.
Obviously we will give as much space as possible to the contributions of the comrades who have ended up in the clogs of repression, not by reducing ourselves to a sort of repainted red cross but by supporting the continuation of their trajectories of struggle with all means.
The objective of this project, which should never take the forms of mere aid, is that of re-launching certain ideas and consequently certain practices.
 At Laboratorio Libertario Ligéra
Via Della Pomposa, Modena

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