France: Cévennes (Gard) – Sabotage of optic fibre, two departments without internet or phone (September 12, 2014)


Cevennes Internet and telephone disrupted following the cutting of an
optic fibre
Objectif Gard, 12 September 2014

Orange have indicated that the cutting of optic fibres between Ales and
Mende early in the afternoon is now causing damage to the telephone
network in many Gard and Lozère areas.

The operator said that this is the result of a “malicious act” which
occurred “halfway between Saint-Martin-de-Valgalgues and La

This optic fibre serves several municipalities. Fixed telephony,
internet services and even mobile phones can potentially be disturbed.

The municipalities involved are: – In the Gard : Chamborigaud, La
Grand-Combe, Lamelouze, Laval-Pradel, Portes – In Lozère : Balsièges,
Barjac, Cassagnas, Chanac, Cocures, Florac, Ispagnac, Lanuéjols, Le
Collet-de-Dèze, les Bondons, Mende, Saint-Julien-d’Arpaon,
Saint-Laurent-de-Trêves, Saint-Etienne-de-Valdonnez, Vébron, Vialas.

Operating teams will have to perform civil works, clear away the damaged
support and place a new optic fibre.

This should take at least all night. Recovery is expected later in the
night or Saturday morning.

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