Mexican prisons: Update on the health situation of the 4 Anarchist comrades on hunger strike and actions of solidarity



Translated by Act for freedom now!

“If you asked me what prison is, I would answer without a boubt that is
a wasteland of defined social-economic plan, where the throw all those
individuals that bother within society: this is why prison mainly houses
mainly poor people” (Jose Tarrio)
“A movement that forgets its hostages is condemned to fail” (Harold
As of October 1st comrades Mario Gonzalez, Carlos Lopez ‘El Chivo’,
Fernando Barcenas and Abraham Cortez, imprisoned in different prisons in
Mexico City, are carrying out a hunger strike indefinitely.
Four days in to the hunger strike, we make a call for solidarity to the
struggle the comrades are carrying out, fighting the society of
incarceration in its heart.
We do not seek to transform them into heroes, let alone fall to a logic
of victimization. We understand that, despite their imprisonment,
despite the deprivation of freedom of their bodies, their ideals and
dreams for a society liberated from dominance and exploitation continue
to be free.
Their struggle is ours.
Just like them we also despise mechanisms of control and dominance of
this prison-society.
We refuse prison and, with it, the system to which it belongs.
For the retrieval of our lives!
Down with the prison walls!
Freedom to all!
M.Gonzalez (imprisoned in Torre Medica in Tepepan) :
Physically he is still strong for now, but there are worries for his
pancreas and liver, and the comrade shows signs of fatigue, slight
dizziness when he gets up, but he is in good spirits and calm. The
prison doctors check on him three times a day, attempting to prove he is
not on hunger strike.
A.Cortez and F.Barcenas (Imprisoned in Norte prison): Both are in the
newcomers’ cells, and the prison doctors check them 3 times a day. The
both lost weight and show signs of fatigue, but are determined to
C.Lopez (imprisoned in Oriente prison):
He was moved from the main prison population to the newcomers’ cells. He
shows signs of fatigue, mild dizziness and slight weight loss.
He is transferred to the infirmary of the prison 3 times a day. Guards
and other prisoners pressure him to end the hunger strike, but the
comrade remains undeterred.
The following solidarity actions have been planned for the next few
Solidarity gathering outside Norte prisons on Tuesday October 7th , at
Demonstration against the prisons from Torre Medica in Tepepan towards
Oriente prison, on October 12th, at noon.

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