Russia – Update on anarchist comrade Ilya Romanov


Translated by act for freedom now
 We receive and transmit;
 The comrades of Moscow Anarchist Black Cross let us know that Ilya Romanov’ health is improving, especially as concerns the wounds caused by the explosion of the device he was handling.
   As for the comrade’s judicial situation, very little is known because investigators haven’t handed out any official paper on the investigation to Ilya or the court yet. Only when the investigation is concluded will it be possible to have a definite outlook on the comrade’s judicial situation. Investigators are setting up a ‘terrorism’ case and are trying to attribute to Ilya some pieces of writing they found on Ilya’s friend’s computer.
 Comrades have called an expert in order to demonstrate that Ilya is not the author of those writings. Investigators are also retracing Ilya’s trajectory of struggle in order to prove their theses; for example they’re using a declaration he made after his release from prison in Ukraine a few years ago, something they hadn’t paid attention to so far but which is now ‘evidence’ of the comrade’s ‘political extremism’.
 Ilya hasn’t spoken about the case yet, but he wrote several articles in Russian, which we’ll try to translate soon. Comrades in Moscow have troubles in communicating with him but they said he’d make a declaration as soon as the trial begins.
 We also asked the comrades in Moscow for clarifications about the doubts on Ilya’s anarchist consistency raised by some comrades. The comrades denied the fact that Ilya has ever expressed any pro-EU or nationalist positions; on the contrary his being anarchist clearly emerges from his writings.
 Finally we thank all the comrades who have been actively participating in fundraising in recent months. We’ll continue our solidarity activity with Ilya Romanov.
 Anarchists from Trento and Rovereto


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