Mexico: Amélie and Fallon express solidarity with the four anarchists on hunger strike

Translated by Act for freedom now!
Last Friday night huge graffiti appeared on the walls of the dining room of dormitory C in San Marta prison where we are being held kidnapped. The graffiti expresses our solidarity with anarchist comrades Abraham, Fernando, Mario and Carlos, who are on indefinite hunger strike. Our fellow prisoners haven’t stopped commenting on the extremely visible composition since that day.
It’s a change from the “I love you” usually painted in the prison corridors! It has a confrontational aspect, making a break with daily passivity.
 The objective was reached! It is a way to start discussion and create spaces for reflection inside the prison. This is one of the ways we have here inside to tackle social peace and pacification. From our perspective, there are many ways to fight back and take a position of rejecting authority.
 The intention is not to claim anyone’s innocence, but to generate contexts of conflict and a break with the established order. Moreover, we are aware of the fact that the initiative of the comrades on hunger strike was hyped in the context of 2 October in the mass media, but we know that that was not the comrades’ intention, because we refuse to use the networks of the mass media, even less to talk about innocence.
 In solidarity with the compas in hunger strike!
Neither guilty nor innocent
 Women’s prison in Santa Marta


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