ANNOUNCEMENT OF K*VOX occupied space. exarxia area – Athens


Translated by Act for freedom now!

Today, October 17th there was a planned event of K*VOX with the thematic
“Armed Struggle, Revolutionary Movement and Social Revolution”
in Gini
amphitheatre in the Polytechinc, where a phone intervention was going to
take place by comrade Nikos Maziotis, member of the Revolutionary
Struggle who is held in Diavata prisons, could not take place, since all
the phones in the wing the comrade is held in “broke down”, the same day
the governmental representative Adonis Georgiadis anticipated that this
event must be forbidden.
The attempt to gag the political resonance of the comrade is blunt proof of how dangerous he is to the regime (even
now that he is imprisoned), the fear of the state for action but also
the resonance of the Revolutionary Struggle and the terror of the
captors towards any hint of the anarchist-antiauthoritarian movement for
revolutionary subversion. The attempt to de-ideologize armed struggle
and the political gagging of those who clash with the state monopoly of
violence and will not pass. The event will take place on Friday October
31st in the Gini amphitheatre of the Athens Polytechnic and the presence
and support of all of us is an indication of factual solidarity.


P.S. Despite the attempts of the state the event today was carried out
with a rich dialogue, while the contribution of the political
intervention of comrade Pola Roupas, member of the Revolutionary
Struggle, who sent a written statement from clandestinity.

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