Italy – Anarchist comrades Toshi Hosokawa and Marianna Valenti [jailed since 3rd June 2014 in Turin] under house arrest


From Macerie
Translated by act for freedom now
After over four months in the prison of Aosta, Toshi is now being held under house arrest in his home, and he’s subjected to all the restrictions of the case. Locked up at home and unable to see friends and comrades. The reason is simple: Toshi had been due for release from prison since June, after the first appeal to the Court of Review, but his home was not deemed suitable by the judge because too much visited. To finally grant him house arrest, after so many requests, the men of the court have imposed yet another restriction.
In the afternoon Marianna also went back to house arrest after a few days spent at Le Vallette prison. When she was held in the prison of Turin, she – like Paolo, Fabio and Andrea – was notified a prosecutor’s request for four years of ‘special surveillance’. The trial concerning this case will be held on 3rd December.
Finally on 14th October the court will decide about granting house arrest to Andrea, Paolo and Fabio.
Updated addresses:
Andrea Ventrella
C.C. La Dozza
Via del Gomito 2
40127 Bologna
Michele Garau
C.C. Strada delle Novate 65
29122 Piacenza
Fabio Milan
C.C. Via del Rollone 19
13100 Vercelli

Paolo Milan

C.C. Località Les Iles 14
11020 Brissogne (Aosta)
 Marianna Valenti, Daniele Altoè, Toshiyuki Hosokawa, Giuseppe De Salvatore, Francesco Di Berardo and Nicolò Angelino under house arrest

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