Chile – Update on anarchist comrades Juan, Nataly and Guillermo


From RadioAzione
Translated by act for freedom now
On 16th October 2014 a session of the trial against Juan, Nataly and Guillermo, accused of having carried out four explosive attacks in recent months, was held at the 15th Tribunal. Prosecutors demanded forensic examination be made on all electronic equipment, cell phones and pen drives seized during the raid of 18th September.
Defence lawyers insisted on seeing the evidence and the files of the investigation, which prosecutors and the court refused due to the secrecy on the 6 files the investigation has produced so far. Secrecy, typical of antiterrorism laws, will be kept until 28th October, when prosecutors are able to request an extension of the investigation.
Comrade Juan Flores didn’t attend the hearing because guards, in a clumsy and obscure way, declared they were ‘confused’ and didn’t know which prison Juan was held in, and for this reason they didn’t take him to the court.
 Juan’s transfer
 On 17th October another hearing was held at the 15th Tribunal, this time to specifically demand Juan be transferred from the extermination camp Carcèl/Empresa Santiago 1 to the Carcere de Alta Seguridad.
The judge ordered Juan’s transfer to the Centro de Alta Seguridad, as originally planned. Owing to the nature of the case and the prison administration, it’s very likely that Juan will be placed directly in the Unit of Maximum Security.
 Solidarity with Juan, Nataly and Guillermo!

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