[Gaillac / Nantes] No candles or white marches, VENGEANCE!


Translated by act for freedom now!
from lechatnoiremeutier.antifa-net.fr/

 A comrade killed at Testet

 B0-irOECIAAdQqC.jpg smallDuring the night from Saturday to Sunday a protester, Remi, was killed in the clashes that took place at the rally against the Sivens dam at Testet. About 7,000 people converged on the Testet zad after months of police attacks, destruction of wetland habitats and those who were defending them. In the late afternoon and later in the night, dozens of people attacked the police protecting the site. They wanted to show their anger and delay the resumption of work, originally scheduled for Monday. They were repelled with hails of Flash-Ball rubber bullets, flash-bangs, Sting grenades and tear gas. According to the testimony of comrades at Testet, the person who died collapsed following a hail of grenades and was then taken away by police. The Prefecture have stated they will say nothing on the subject before the public result of the autopsy on Monday. The government has already begun to condemn the protesters, in an attempt to evade the issue. But they know very well that whatever they do, this death will have explosive    consequences.lclnantes
This revolting death is unfortunately not surprising in the context. At Notre dame des landes, in Testet and wherever we oppose their plans, we have had to face the raw deployment of state violence. If we understand on our side that we cannot content ourselves with obediently watching them destroy our lives, they have demonstrated that they would do us no favours. During the months of evictions of the zad of Notre Dame des Landes, many comrades have been seriously wounded by rubber bullets and grenades. At the demonstration on February 22, 2014 in Nantes alone, 3 people struck in the head by rubber bullets lost an eye. For weeks at Testet a number of people have been injured and other tragic accidents have been narrowly avoided when opponents were evicted, mainly from huts they had built in the trees. Yet, among other things, it is because of thousands of people physically opposing themselves to the works, evictions, police occupation of their living places that the airport project of Notre Dame des Landes is now moribund, and that the Testet dam and those that were to succeed it are widely being put in question. It is this commitment through action that has given a contagious strength to these struggles and is threatening speculative land development everywhere today.
More and more regularly the repression against those who struggle in prisons, neighbourhoods and detention centres is also leading to its share of too often forgotten dead, dozens every year. Faced with uprisings and rebellion, liberal democracy is showing that it survives not only through the meticulous domestication of individuals and living areas, or economic and social power, but also by the specific use of terror.
We are calling to occupy the streets and places of power everywhere from tomorrow, to show our sadness, to salute the memory of the comrade killed on Saturday and to express our anger at state violence. We will not let them kill us with their so-called “non-lethal” weapons. Let us react strongly so that there is a before and after this death. Let’s affirm stronger than ever our solidarity with all those struggling at Testet and elsewhere against their projects guided by the logic of control and profit, the Sivens dam but also with all those who fall more silently under blows of repression elsewhere. We will not let ourselves be divided or paralyzed by fear. We will continue to live and struggle in the spaces they dream of destroying, and obstruct them.

 We will not let silence fall again, we will not forget!

The occupiers of the zad of Notre Dame des Landes


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