[Paris] A few spokes in the wheels of some of those responsible for expulsion and imprisonment …


via:Indy Nantes, 10/24/2014
Translated from lechatnoiremeutier.antifa-net.fr
By Act for freedom now!
A few spokes in the wheels
On the night of October 22 to 23 we decided to piss off a few
collaborators by slashing their tires:
– A utility vehicle of Challancin (cleaning in CRA [detention centres])
– A car of SNCF French railways (collaborators in expulsions)
– A Vinci utility vehicle (prison constructor)
– A car belonging to Orange [telecommunications corporation] (exploits
– 29 Vélibs (Paris bike-sharing company) of this bastard JC Decaux, who
also exploits prisoners
We take this opportunity to greet the comrades recently convicted for
the double robbery in Velvento, Kozani.

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