Mexico- Mario Gonzales’ communiqué about his release from prison


From RadioAzione
Translated from Italian by act for freedom now
 Source: Reporter Libertario
la_libertad_es_el_crimen_que_persiguenTo the peoples of the world
To the independent means of information
To all the unprivileged and those who have been deprived of their freedom
 Yesterday night I was released thanks to solidarity, always appreciated, which made despotism tremble with fear and made it possible for me to slowly regain my freedom, even if I can’t enjoy it entirely; this only depends on what we can achieve now and on the united struggle of the people for the freedom we all long for.
Dedication, engagement, solidarity, the pleasure of not breathing contaminated air of misery and oppression but clear air of love, respect, harmony, carry the strength that will lead to the end of exploitation of man over man and will free us all from all the chains and cages that kill our happiness.
 Freedom for all those who are kidnapped by the State!
Freedom for Carlos, Amelie, Fallon, Fernando and Abraham and all the anarchists imprisoned all over the world!
Freedom for Alvaro Sebastian and the NO TAV prisoners!
Freedom for all those who live chained to brutal misery: the end of exploitation and the advance on the road of anarchism depend on us here and now.
Anarchy, health and social revolution


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