A pamphlet in PDF in solidarity with the 3 Anarchist comrades arrest on January 5, 2014 in Mexico City




We share with you the printed translated version of our  PDF

This pamphlet is a ‘work in progress’, a collection of information, letters and updates concerning the arrest and detention in Mexico City of anarchist comrades Amelie Pillierst, Fallon Poisson and Carlos López Martin, arrested on January 5 2014 following attacks on offices of Mexico’s Secretariat of Communications and Transportation and  Nissan.
From the very start of their sequestration the comrades have made every effort to breach the walls and keep in touch with the world outside. Their letters are both informative and inspirational. They concern the almost surreal condition of isolation they have been put through, in the (unsuccessful) attempts of the Mexican State to frame them on ‘terrorist’ charges, and the challenging and often poisonous—in every sense of the word—prison environment. Far from succumbing to the bullying of the terror State and its vulgarity they are continuing their lives in creative struggle, sharing them, conveying strength and projectuality that is stimulating and provocative for comrades everywhere, whether in other conditions of sequestration, ‘incognito’, or those, like ourselves, constantly trying to stay alive and keep up the fight in the prison society outside.
On October 1, Carlos began a hunger strike in Eastern Prison, along with Jorge Mario García González (Medical Tower Prison Tepepan), Fernando Barcenas Castillo (Northern Prison) and Abraham Cortes Ávila (Northern Prison). They stated: We declare this hunger strike, without any request or demand. We do not seek improvements in jail or in our conditions. It is simply to ignore its role in our lives, acting in coordination and solidarity. With this action we accompany the protest on October 2nd, 46 years after the genocide in Tlatelolco, without forgetting or forgiving and making war until the end of oppression. We will never stop aspiring for our freedom! We will not abandon the fight for it!’.
Mario Gonzalez was freed 31 October, with all charges dropped after ! He was arrested October 2 2013  while he was on his way to a demo in commemoration of the 45th anniversary of the 1968 massacre.
On October 31st, 2014 judges handed down sentence in the federal process against Amélie Trudeau Pelletier, Fallon Poisson Rouiller and Carlos López Marín for the offense of damage to others’ property in the form of fire (attack on the Secretariat of Communications and Transport). Our comrades were sentenced to 7 years and 6 months imprisonment.
The lawyers will appeal this sentencing decision within 15 days. The sentence of the local process for attacking public peace and causing damage (attack on a Nissan dealership) has not yet been issued.
Solidarity with Carlos, Amélie and Fallon!
Freedom for Fernando and Abraham!
Down with the prison walls!
Freedom for all!

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