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Anarchist Nikos Romanos is one of us. He is one of those who, just like us, revolted against authority, against the law and order that wants people to be subjects and subjugated. He is one of those who found out very well about “law and order” with the murder of his friend Alexandros Grigoropoulos by the dogs of the State Korkoneas and Saraliotis.
Comrade Romanos is not one of those who confiscate the people’s houses and wealth like the bank he expropriated and for which he was sentenced. He did not make laws as did the respectable politicians, the fathers of the nation, to rob and murder the people and the workers in order for the rich to become richer. He did not steal the wages and pensions of poor breadwinners like the laws made by multinationals, bankers and businessmen and their servants, governments and members of parliament. He did not make the laws that murder and push to suicide thousands of people, make them eat from the garbage and sleep on the streets. Comrade Romanos is one of those who faced with dignity the blows dealt by the slaves of the State and the wealthy, who are paid 700 euro a month for their miserable job.
As of Monday November 10th, the comrade has begun a hunger strike demanding his right to educational furloughs. Nikos Romanos, just like Iraklis Kostaris who is on hunger strike for the same reason, is one of the dozens of political prisoners and imprisoned fighters who right now are in the Greek prisons in an era when the policy of social genocide enforced by the State and capital because of the economic crisis also connects with the toughening of repression generally but especially against the imprisoned fighters, many of whom are members of armed revolutionary organizations or are accused of armed struggle. The legislation for the C type prisons with the special detention conditions, which is mainly intended for the political prisoners and imprisoned fighters, is within this optic. Every imprisoned comrade is one of us, this is why if we consider that the struggle for Freedom, the struggle for Social Liberation from the weight of capital and State, unites us then the demand of one is the demand of all.
Nikos Maziotis
member of Revolutionary Struggle
Diavata prisons

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