Santiago, Chile – Anarchist comrade Hans Niemeyer beaten up in prison


From RadioAzione
Translated by act for freedom now
We received news about comrade Hans Niemeyer Salinas being beaten up in the early hours of Wednesday. Hans is serving a 5-year and 10-month sentence for placing an explosive device inside a bank on 30th November 2011. Hans’ attitude towards the system has always been hostile, as he intervenes when a prisoner is beaten up and constantly reminds the guards that him and other imprisoned comrades will always react whenever the guards try to crash them.
 We don’t know exactly about Hans’ health state, only what he says in his letter (bruises on his face, an injured ear and foot), which looks quite serious given that the comrades has been suffering earing problems since the explosion of the device that led him to prison. Since then, Hans is being suffering otitis and pus discharge every two weeks. In spite of the fact that he’s on a ‘waiting list’, he hasn’t been operated yet, and we don’t know when he will be.
We’ll inform you as soon as we get news.
 Here are the comrade’s words:
 ‘Today, Wednesday 12th November at 06:30 the cell was violently raided as I refused to take a submissive attitude (look down, put hands forward and turn around). I was handcuffed, beaten on my head, wounded at one ear and stricken with a key on my leg, which made me limp, plus various other wounds.
The guards were those of the Grupo Especial Antimotines (GEAM). The responsible for the beating are the prison governor Juan Latelier Araneda and the ministry of justice José Antonio Gómez.’
 Hans Niemeyer Salinas
3rd Floor – Module H Norte
Càrcel de Alta Seguridad, Santiago

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