Greece -uk – International Call for Revolutionary Solidarity with Anarchist Nikos Romanos on hunger strike since 10/11/14


International Call for Revolutionary Solidarity with Anarchist Nikos Romanos on hunger strike since 10/11/14

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Imprisoned anarchist Nikos Romanos has been on hunger strike since
Monday November 10 demanding his right to educational day release from
prison. From 17/11 comrade Giannis Mihailidis has also been on hunger
strike in solidarity with his comrade.
Their struggle is also ours, whatever they decide we are with them as we
have been from the start. From the moment of their capture the comrades
have vindicated their anarchist individualities with passion and dignity
throughout the ordeals reserved for them in the cesspits of the State.
For us of act for freedom now every translated word, paragraph and page
expresses our rage and desire to give a strong flaming hug to the
comrades held hostage in the hell-holes of the state.
Distance is irrelevant when we speak of solidarity. That is why we are
calling, as of now, for  international revolutionary solidarity for
We will not leave any comrade alone in the hands of the state.
*That night we kept our eyes fixed on the horizon and saw many falling
stars drawing their own chaotic paths. And we counted them over and
over, we made wishes, calculated the odds. We knew that our desire for a
free life had to step over all that oppresses us, murders us, destroys
us, so we dived into the void just like the shooting stars we were
observing. Since then innumerable stars have fallen, perhaps it’s time
for our star to fall, who knows? If we had the answers ready, we
wouldn’t have become what we are, but selfish bastards who would teach
people how to become rodents that eat each other as they do today. At
least we still remain implacable and stubborn like the people of our
kind. And those of us who closed their eyes in pain and travelled far
continue to keep their eyes stuck on that night sky we also observed.
And they watch us fall, beautiful and shining stars. Now it’s our turn.
Now, without hesitation, we fall.
As of Monday, November 10th, 2014 I begin a hunger strike without taking
a step back, with anarchy forever in my heart.
Responsible for each day of hunger strike, and whatever happens from
this point forward, is the prison board, namely the prosecutor Nikolaos
Pimenidis, the director Charalabia Koutsomichali as well as the social
work assistant.
To all the armchair “fighters”, professional humanists, “sensitive”
intellectual and spiritual personages: good riddance to you in advance.
Anarchists from Act for freedom now!

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