Text of K.Gournas in solidarity with hunger striker N.Romanos – Athens – Greece


Translated by Act for freedom now!
Solidarity to Nikos Romanos

The modern totem of the far-right narrative that dominates in political
life today is the invocation of legitimacy. The political elite that
governs, in all of its manifestations, – Samaras’s neo conservatives,
hard-line neoliberals, the popular right, modernizing PASOK members -,
have fortified themselves behind a front against “lawlessness”. A front
that was created with only one aim: to enforce the most criminal, most
destructive economic program in the history of neo-liberal capital, to
secure the onslaught of private capital in every aspect of social
activity and terrorize the population by oppressing any social protest
and resistance. To establish a constant state of emergency, interwoven
with the governing of the State, that will bind the future of the Greek
people with the moods of the Troika, the financial markets and the
north-European political centres.

Within the framework of this procedure the Ministry of Justice is
attempting to enforce an equivalent memorandum for prisoners, creating a
condition of even more asphyxiating control and oppression inside the
prisons. The independent C’type wings and the Greek Guantanamo in
Domokos, following their partial enforcement a decade ago on the
prisoners of the 17N and ELA, come to be legitimized and perpetuated as
monuments of the memorandum era. Monuments of vindictiveness first on
those who took up arms against the regime, to those who resisted modern
brutality and intimidation in a society that is boiling. The regime of
exception towards the political prisoners that deprives rights and
conquests acquired with struggles is already here as an extension of the
neo-liberal attack on society.

Anarchist Nikos Romanos, resisting the regime of exception, began a
hunger strike as of 10.11.14 aiming at receiving the educational leave
he is entitled to, in order to attend the classes in the TEI (technical
institute) that he gained entrance to. The Ministry and the direction of
Koridallos prisons refuse to give him day release, the former with the
pretence of having no jurisdiction in the matter and the latter falling
under the condition of informal captivity after the interventions and
disciplinary persecutions for the case of Ch.Xiros, forming a mechanism
of recycling responsibilities.

It is our duty to stand in solidarity with the comrades’ struggle.

P.S. Good luck to hunger striker Iraklis Kostaris.

Kostas Gournas
Koridallos Prisons

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