Chile – Claim of attack on the Gendarmerie in San Joaquín


 From RadioAzione
Translated by act for freedom now
There’s no terrorism in Chile, only political violence. ‘It is the State
that determines the level of violence used by revolutionaries.’ (MLN –
We claim the action of placing an explosive device on a street lamp
close to the entrance of the Gendarmerie swimming pool on via Vicuña
Mackenna, an action carried out in early November.  We want to point out
that the reason for the action has been defamed by the repressive
institutions of the Gendarmerie, the GOPE and some ‘nosy’ person who
talked to the mass media about a group of unknown people placing an
explosive device on a street lamp near the underground station of San
The media kept insinuating that the intent was to physicallyand psychologically strike civilians strolling in Vicuña Mackenna andthose heading towards the station, and that it was yet another ‘terrorist’ attack in the country.

This is yet another demonstration of
the new counter-insurgency strategy, the historical dirty war (based on
lies, manipulation and frame-ups) waged by the State on direct action
affinity groups. We know that the change in strategy responds to foreign
counselling and most importantly to the new political context that has
emerged following an attack carried out in the municipality of Las
The aim of surveillance and the security forces is clear: they
want to link direct action to the intent to strike civilians
indiscriminately, and the media are their most important associates in
this, so that public opinion agrees with the introduction of even more
repressive laws against freedom of ideas and action. As for the
explosive device, we admit that its electric mechanism failed to
function after it was placed at dawn. In this respect: ‘Anarchists don’t
have anybody to finance their activities; the police are financed by the
State, the Church has its own funding, the machinery of consumerism can
count on foreign powers. So for our revolution we have to take our means
out into the street, and publicly stand by them.’ (Miguel Arcàngel
We are committed to improving our methods of attack through the
spreading of ideas, constant analysis and collective praxis.  Our goal
was to attack and damage the fence of the Gendarmerie as well as to
violate the mechanism of security of the prison system. We identify the
latter as an extension of the material and moral domination of
State/Capital, and a symbol of the bourgeois order that places
individuals’ possibility of movement, their actions and ideas into a
juridical context, and constantly feeds it with
moral/bourgeois/capitalist ideology.  The society we live in is based on
capitalist relations that show the ‘mutation’ of the system, now called
neo-liberal, where flexible accumulation transforms any human creation
into consumables thus widening the gap between privileged groups and
unprivileged ones. The use of political violence is not an end in itself
but one of the many instruments with which to attack and destabilize all
forms of authority. The State, its institutions and supporters have
always used violence, but theirs is legal. The decision to use political
violence is not our panacea but a voluntary choice so that we react
against the State and its supporters. Our response rejects the values
and practices of bourgeois society.
It is important for armed agitation to highlight the contradictions of
the social order, and put power in question by attacking it and the
apparatus of social surveillance that defends private property and the
accumulation of capital. Our aim is not to make the weaknesses of the
State visible and improve them; rather we want to constantly sharpen the
many possibilities of direct action, which can assume multiple forms and
is determined only by our creative ability in the social war.  It is
important to clarify and put into practice the ideas on which our
propaganda is based. Criticism is not sufficient and it is necessary to
build political praxis day by day. The struggle is not a war of speeches
and words but an instrument aimed at pushing the individuals to become
an obstacle to the expansion of authority and the system of domination.
A brotherly salute to political prisoners in Chile and all over the
world. For the liberation of the human species, nature and all other

Sebastian Oversluij Anarchist Group

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