Milan, Italy – Solidarity communiqué against evictions and repression in Milan


Translated by act for freedom now
10712459_799846900071668_3286749323443511192_oEVICTIONS, REPRESSION AND ARRESTS IN MILAN: HERE YOU SEE  THE TRUE FACE

This November 2014  in Milan a campaign of repression has begun against all
those who decide to squat houses, liberate spaces and organize
initiatives based on solidarity, counter-information and
anti-authoritarianism without asking anyone’s permission.

Maroni, president of the Lombardy region, has declared war on squatting
and announced he’ll have over 200 occupied houses evicted. All this can
only open up a hot winter of resistance.  On November 10, at a meeting
taking place in the premises of the PD party between representatives of
SUNIA-CGIL (the union of social housing tenants) and tenants of ALER (a
company that manages social housing), 20 people stormed the building,
lit smoke bombs and unfurled a banner reading: STOP EVICTIONS – NO TAV.
In the morning of November 13 antiriot cops, plain-clothes cops and ALER
employees equipped with removal vans turned up outside two squatted
flats. People in the area gathered in solidarity and tried to stop the
eviction of the squats by pushing their way through the cordons of
antiriot cops stationed outside the front doors.

After being bombarded with rubbish, rotten eggs and various objects, the cops managed to
regain control of the situation and evict the flats.
A few days later the ROS raided the homes of 3 comrades following the storming of the PD
premises: two of the comrades were issued with police reports. Almost at
the same time in another area of Milan, Via Vespri Siciliani in
Giambellino, some of the inhabitants of the neighbourhood responded to
an eviction operation by throwing objects at the police and later
organizing a march in the neighbourhood. A boy is arrested. Sadly that’s
not all: at 6:30am on Tuesday police, acting on orders of the REGION,
the MUNICIPALITY, ALER and PD, raided CORVACCIO (an occupied house) and
ROSA NERA, a place that hosts counter-information initiatives and
concerts in solidarity with prisoners.
A number of comrades managed to
go up the roof, whereas other squatters were taken to the police
station. The people of the neighbourhood took to the streets and tried
to disrupt the eviction: clashes with police, teargas and the arrest of
3 people follow, but those who are there in solidarity resisted and
called a demo in the area. During the clashes demonstrators were beaten
up and a heavily pregnant woman was pinned to the floor and hit with
truncheons. In the afternoon the squatters on the roof went down and
joined the demo in the streets.  In the evening the demonstrators
decided to march to San Vittore prison to greet the arrested comrades,
but roads were blocked by the cops and the demonstrators go through the
Navigli instead, shouting slogans and leaving graffiti in solidarity
with the arrested comrades. On Wednesday morning the three were released
but charged with resistance to public official along with another 4
Everybody knows that this repressive operation coincides with the
preparation of the Expo as Milan gets ready to show off its luxury shop
windows and so it can’t tolerate people who struggle and squat houses in
response to housing problems, and doesn’t hesitate to arrest, repress
and evict them. Expo is destroying yet another piece of Milan, which is
turning more and more into a city that is affordable only to the rich
and the bosses and closed to the poor, immigrants and homeless.
Solidarity with the comrades and all the people who decide to take a
home beyond the legal schemes imposed by the State.
For every eviction, 10, 100, 1,000 occupations!
Torino Squatters

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