Solidarity to Nikos Romanos from Anarchists in Bologna – Italy


Today, on the anniversary of the death of Alexis Grigoropoulos, the fifteen year old anarchist killed by the police in Athens six years ago on the 6th of December, we demonstrated outside the Greek consulate in via Indipendenza, Bologna, in solidarity with the struggle of Nikos Romanos, the anarchist prisoner aged twenty-one on hunger strike because in prison he is being deprived of the right to attend university courses. Simultaneously, in many of the major cities of Greece there were huge demonstrations in which thousands of people participated, in many cases attacked by the police with violent charges. There have also been several demonstrations in Italy in solidarity.
 In Greece a boy of twenty-one years, Nikos Romanos, has been on hunger strike since the 10th of November. Nikos is a student enrolled at the Technical Institute of Piraeus, but he’s not allowed to attend classes because he is in prison. He is in prison because he is an anarchist militant, accused, along with three other comrades, of having robbed two banks with the aggravating circumstance of “terrorism”, later rejected in court. Despite having passed the full university admission test from prison, he is not allowed to attend classes, contrary to what is established by the Greek code of detention. But this is not the only abuse that Nikos has suffered: the day of his arrest he was violently beaten by the police and the images of his swollen face have been around the world, despite the awkward attempt [of the police] to conceal the signs of the beating by circulating retouched photos. Nikos was also the best friend of Alexis Grigoropoulos, the anarchist fifteen year old schoolboy who was killed by a Greek policeman on the night of December the 6th, 2008, in Exarchia.
Nikos, and in solidarity with him many other prisoners, is putting his own life at stake with a long hunger strike to reaffirm his dignity as human being. These days, in solidarity with Nikos, about ten thousand people demonstrated in the streets of Athens and the Polytechnic, the union headquarters and the faculty of economics, both on Patission Street have been occupied.
Collettivo Exarchia
Circolo Anarchico “C. Berneri”
06/12/2014 – Bologna

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