December 10, 2014.- uk


As of today 10/12/14, anarchist Nikos Romanos is intensifying his struggle by going on a thirst strike as well as insisting on his demands.
“His life is now hanging by a thread” stated the cardiologist, adding that: “His organism is weakened and dehydrated. If this continues, there will be limited functioning of his organs and he is in immediate danger of multi-organ failure”.
The doctors are being pressured to carry out force-feeding but they are resisting and fighting in order to comply with medical ethics. Romanos has won.
It does not matter what will follow, how far he can go, if he will live or die. I do not feel sorry for him, even if he dies I will not feel sorry for him…
I respect him.
If I was in a battle I would like to have him by my side, not my enemy.
I do not care how old he is.
He is not a child.
He is a person with free will, something the rest of us have shunned or watered-down.
This fucker Romanos, the anarchist, the criminal, the hardened one, (call him what you want, he does not give a fuck), put his body in front of the monstrosity we call Greek Democracy, the abomination of modern globalized reality.
 Alone, a human being made of flesh and bone, alone, against all.
He is not a hero or a martyr, nor is he defending the rights of those with full bellies who caress him virtually in parliament, the cafes and on facebook.
He does not shout “bread, education, freedom” at anniversary rallies and dead strikes, so that he can then go eat pop-corn and see Ken Loach’s latest film.
 No, he does not care to be “educated” in the Institutes of our misery.
 He is the only person right now, in a Deserted Land, who wants everything! It does not matter any more if he backs down, if the doctors save him, if the ministers and prime minister back down.
 Romanos, one person alone, beat a whole nation.
Without killing, without throwing smart bombs, without being famous, without having been elected in parliament, without surrendering a country to the IMF.
Alone. In exchange for his life.
How many of you, us, have the strength, the guts, to do it?
How many of you are ready to die for your ideas (if you have any), that might even be wrong?
To die for New Democracy, Syriza and KKE, to die for the police, the State, Anarchy, Orthodox religion, Democracy, the Market, Literature, Ecology, Justice or the blue whales of the oceans.
Go forward and then, give your lives.
Can you?
Who can die for what they believe and love?
 He, the criminal and anarchist Romanos, would, and is ready to do so.And maybe it seems stupid to you, but this world was changed by people who believed in something so much that they were prepared to die for it.
 And this is tough acceptance for a person who, like me, does not believe in anything.
Nikos Romanos has not eaten any food for 32 days.
 Me and you try to diet in order to lose extra weight, but cannot resist.
It’s not about who is right and who is wrong, what is good or bad, and what is in between.
Romanos is there.
Alone and defeated,
But he has won, you hollow fucks.
He has won.
S.  Act for freedom now!
 ps. Nikos Romanos has ended his hunger  strike after 31 days on 10th of December 2014

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