From the victory of the hunger strike of anarchist Nikos Romanos,Responsibility Claim sabotage attack- Thessaloniki


In the early hours of Wednesday December 10th three vehicles owned by a security company which were parked in the Kostandinoupolitiki area of Thessaloniki cuaght fire. Just a few hours earlier the parliament via the mouth of the governmental representative and the minister of justice, and with extra cynisism once more, placed the dilemma according to which the stake of the security of the capitalist system goes against the life of a revolutionary.
However, against the raw show of brutality of the neo-liberal totalitarianism stands the solidarity between those who fight for its destruction. Thus, we chose, taking our turn, to attack one of the main composits that compose the mosaic of a security comlex that asphyxiates us. We hope that from our humble abode we contributed to it being understood by the “gentlemen” mentioned and those like them that when and as long as they choose to play their political games on the lives of our comrade as in the case of anarchist hunger striker Nikos Romanos, the image of enforcement of “Law and Order” they praise and revoke so much will surely be one of the last things they could hope for.
From the victory of the hunger strike of anarchist Nikos Romanos, to the blocking of the functioning of High Security Prisons and the destruction of the last prison…
…a deep breath therefore until the end (and further) of capitalism.

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