Italy – A pamphlet by Edizioni RadioAzione [RadioAzioneEditions]: The truth on primitivist life – Ted Kaczynski’s critique of anarcho-primitivism


From RadioAzioneTranslated by act for freedom now 

RadioAzione-Opuscolo-kaczynskiWe of RadioAzione decided to translate a text written by Ted
 Kaczynski in 2008 and make it available for free to anyone who wants to
read it or distribute it in the form of a pamphlet. 
The pamphlets and other publications of Edizioni RadioAzione are meant
as benefit for
 imprisoned anarchist comrades. Just bear it in mind if you decide to
distribute this pamphlet.  This is T. Kaczynski’s accurate critique of
 the myth of anarcho-primitivism, and of John Zerzan in particular.
 I wonder why anarcho-primitivists never distributed this text… Here you
 can download the text in A4 format

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