Santiago, Chile – About the attack on the prison screws’ headquarters and the boy left to die because they thought he was an anarchist


From RadioAzione
Translated from Italian by act for freedom now
RadioAzione receive from Noticias de la Guerra Social:
In the early hours of 25th September 2014 an explosion shook the Yungay neighbourhood in the old quarter of Santiago. The explosion caused serious injuries and burns to Sergio Landskron, 29 years old, accused of placing the device and left to die by the police, while being photographed by medical staff.
In spite of the fact that he was dying, the police prevented anyone from assisting him as he passed away, because they were fascinated by the idea that he was an anarchist, and in virtue of their power decided to carry out a ‘live autopsy’ thus prolonging and worsening his suffering.
Days later it was discovered that Sergio Landskron was a drug addict, and also poor, who had simply picked up a small bag from where he found it and carried it for about 10 minutes.
After checking CCTV footage to collect evidence, police and prosecutors made it known that two unknown persons had placed the explosive device composed of an extinguisher filled with black powder and activated by an electric timer. The device was allegedly placed close to the entrance of the ANFUP (National Association of Prison Officers) at around 1am, where leaflets were also found, reading:
‘Jailers, always consider yourselves targets of our actions. You have no reason to walk or sleep in peace. Any aggression towards revolutionary prisoners at war will receive the immediate response of our insurrectional action. Fire and black powder against all forms of authority and domination.’
A few minutes later Sergio Landskron arrived, picked up the device and carried it for a few blocks until it exploded causing him serious injuries and then death.
Up until now, apart from the leaflets, no group has claimed the explosive attack. As the government and the jailers were hunting those responsible using the antiterrorism law, [Sergio’s] family are accusing the State of having denied him medical assistance and violating him in spite of the fact that he was dying.

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