Chile – Words from the comrades sentenced following the ‘Security Case’


From RadioAzione
Translated from Italian by act for freedom now
RadioAzione receive by the comrades of Publicacion Refractario, and transmit words from the comrades jailed following ‘Security Case’.
Freddy’s text is missing as it’s still being translated…

Words from Carlos Gutierrez

Second Military Power of Attorney of Santiago    file_2009122915105
This Military Power of Attorney is urged, if they consider it necessary, to issue orders for investigating with possibility of detention now and after they are transferred to the jurisdiction of Usia, delinquents Juan Manuel Aliste Vega and Carlos Javier Gutierrez Quiduleo, both having a history of extremism and being responsible for the crime of armed robbery on Banco Security based on via Augustinas 621, Santiago, carried out on 18th October 2007, where carabineros chief Luis Moyano Farias lost his life.
This will allow police investigations by the named squad of experts so as they arrest these dangerous antisocial individuals who have been in hiding for almost a year.
Policia de Investigacions of Chile
Archive BIROM, ORD No. 1467
24th September 2008.
As I was reading this order of the Brigada Investigadora de Robos Metropolitana (Birom) I wasn’t surprised by the murderous character of the words; I laughed at the hatred and fear implied in the mention of our names. It is the fear and hatred that has always accompanied the enemy of those who have never accepted the life of slaves and robots offered by the capitalist system.

And maybe in the fear felt by the system, their dread at our constant obtuseness, their hatred of our non-submission – given that this kind of resistance has no ideology or structure to strike or imprison, apart from an indomitable history – there’s the possibility of a life where our best motivation to carry on is our children and their beautiful freedom, as they impel us to leave them a better world.
And in the face of a subversive reality the permanent reaction of hatred and fear by the system and its States becomes political, social and repressive. But no matter who we are, this is what we continue to feel. And we are among the comrades who risk their lives for autonomous and libertarian dreams, we are part of the burning and rebellious fire that warms the wonderful nights of Araucanía. At our age we are among the youths who attack, cause damage, resist, scare the system and its State and refuse shit authority, also in prison.

Seven years of capital punishment looming over our bodies, we are here with our history, proud to be hated and feared, we are here with you and your incessant resistance.
As long as there is Poverty there will be Rebellion!!
Carlo Gutierrez Quiduleo
Imprisoned Weichafe
October 2014.

Words from Marcelo Villarroel and Juan Aliste09

Solidarity among equals is a concrete practice that allows us to live in conflict, resistance and in the struggle against the order forged by the capitalist State.
Heart-felt solidarity and blood allow us to break up the models of the old gang of ‘parties’ and alleged ‘revolutionary principles’. Social war is a constant that operates in every corner that power has placed its apparatus of domination in order to safeguard its social peace, in the established trajectory of life supported by submission, repression, prison and death for all those who are ready to dance to the sound of slavery imparted by police, teargas, cocaine and consumerism. All this under the umbrella of murderous democracy.
The value of autonomous subversion remains in the continuation of the struggle and the choice of facing the State in an individual or collective way, a non-submitted one here and now, where any action transcends and welcomes history so as to subvert even more. A corner of life where libertarian hearts meet in the struggle, tireless hearts that are prepared to continue without hierarchies or infertile structures. And what’s more with the firm belief of fighting against the capitalist State and its prison society.
Strength, Newen and energy to all those who struggle and resist.
Let’s strengthen our relations and the determination to struggle, always on the move and reinventing ourselves.
Prisoners of the social war: Free!
Ahead to insurrection!
Only the struggle sets us free!
As long as there’s poverty, there will be rebellion!
Marcelo Villarroel, libertarian prisoner
Juan Aliste Vega, subversive prisoner

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