Political statements of those accused of participation in the CCF. Athens


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qJEZqWOVUAFirst Fire Cells Conspiracy trial {xalandri case} ends with severe sentences
19 07 2011
Alexandros Mitrousias:  Guilty of manufacturing explosives, possessing explosives, and being an accomplice to the explosion at the home of PASOK ministers Louka Katseli and Gerasimos Arsenis. Sentenced to 11 years in prison out of a total combined sentence of 19 years. Chose not to submit an application for a suspended sentence.
Announced the sentences for those accused in the third trial
of the CCF case, including the Nea Smirni case.
Alexandros Mitrousias: 14 years.


On Thursday, August 28th 2014,
First of all I would like to clarify that I do not recognize this procedure as a personal plea of mine towards a state authority within a framework of domination and subservience. Let my words today be considered as an interposition or a political statement. Furthermore, I will not answer any questions following the end of my reading.
To begin chronologically, I would like to say that I was driven into clandestinity following the issue of a warrant for my arrest in January 2010, the evidence being my fingerprints found in the house of H. Hadjimihelakis (Halandri house), who later took political responsibility for participation in the C.C.F. Many things could be said concerning the different conditions under which the choice of going underground and evading the law is made, but only as discussions within the radical movement, when discussing choices, strategy and targeting. However, as I am standing in front of a State court, I have to state that in view of my potential imprisonment I preferred to go underground, especially after the cataclysmic pace of arrests of individuals belonging to the anarchist/anti-authoritarian milieu that were associated under the pretence of fingerprints found in the Halandri house from September to December 2009.
I was aware of the indictment being presented against me and I was planning on dealing with it in the future. The police mechanism arrested me on December 4th 2010. I am not willing to say how the weapons found in the warehouse of Nea Smyrni came into our possession. I will state however that these weapons did not belong to any revolutionary group and we had no intention of selling them, and that according to the cop forensic laboratories, these weapons had not been previously used anywhere. I was in possession of these weapons, together with Karagiannidis and Sakkas and I have nothing more to say about this matter. I believe that the judicial mechanism charged us with weapons possession because they could not connect us to any specific act of revolutionary violence.

I do not accept the dipole innocence-guilt since it stems from ideas of moral domination and State laws, I will however comment on some charges and methods of the interrogating duo Baltas – Mokkas and prosecutor Dimitriou, who together drafted and handled the indictments which are being examined today.
In summary I mention that the indictment for the arson barrage against State officials and embassies is filled with simulated identifications, a mixing of characteristics, since for every attributed individual there were two or three individuals detained, on the basis of contradictory and differentiated descriptions. Not one being confirmed entirely during the whole process of questioning. Concerning myself, this is an action which I am not associated with since as I have previously stated I accept the charge of possessing weapons as well as possessing id card information of citizens, information that helped my movement while underground, but I never took part nor was I organised within C.C.F., therefore I did not participate in this action of theirs.
Also, the transformation of the ‘unknown terrorist organization’ charge in February 2011 into ‘participation in the C.C.F. organization’ chronologically coincides with my pre-trial detention for the arson barrage which was mentioned previously and the attribution of leadership charge of ‘unknown terrorist organization’ to three members of the C.C.F. A grouping of six individuals that has three leaders according to the interrogators. I believe that the penal intention is obvious, the attempt of the police-judicial authorities is to either homogenize our own grouping with the members of the organization or to increment the charges attributed in any way. Moreover, the anti-terrorist force has carried out a series of alterations in the indictment for the weapons, or the case of the six, as mentioned in your State documents. The pre-trial detention of Politis, Antoniou, Michail, worked in favour of creating an image of a set group ready to carry out an attack. The false testimonies of Hardalias and Bagatelas about our movement and contact with other individuals serves the same purpose. The delayed identification of A. Theofilou as Karagianidis’ co-passenger in a coach by the undercover cops of the anti-terrorist force is the peak of creating imported suspects. I believe that this was triumphantly proven from Bagatelas’ cross-examination in court and the questions he was asked.
I am mentioning these examples because my lawyer will place a more detailed commentary of the evidence against me during the oratory process.
I would also like to talk about comrade S. Antoniou and the charges that she is facing. I have known Stella for about a decade now and she is a dear friend of mine. I met her in 2005 in the self-organised steki in the Aghia Paraskevi-Halandri area and since then we developed a comradely relationship which lasts to the present day. When I chose to go underground I was informed of Stella’s intention to assist me, not only due to our friendship but also because of ideals of solidarity which characterize the anarchist milieu when dealing with the State.
Thus, in November 2010, following the publication of photographs of the three members of the C.C.F., as well as mine and Karagianidis’ as suspects of mailing the parcel bombs to embassies and State officials as aforementioned and the naturally increased difficulty of movement and possibility of recognition which derived from this development, I learned through Sakkas that Stella was willing to receive a false id card from me, so that she could rent a house for me to hide out, in the case I was recognized, something that was not needed in the end.
Concluding, I will mention that I am a defender of the destruction of the State, religion, the capitalist system and civil ethics by a liberating – radical movement. I took part in actions and processes within anarchist – anti-authoritarian milieu from the age of 15 until my arrest. I participated and organized within anarchist milieu because it was the only and most subversive force in the era of the post-modern capitalist world.
That is what I have to say to you.

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