Italy-  Udine –  (a city under siege and populated by fascist gangs in uniform), December 23, 2014

Usual-SuspectsWith the consumerist delirium of the clerical festivities this year  operation “Safe Christmas” also came to Udine, ie  a police, security and prohibitionist operation involving 876 people stopped and identified, two arrests, 100 police, 29 complaints, 3 xenophobic and racist expulsions of migrants, checkpoints, dog squads, invasions and intimidation in bars by plainclothes and uniformed police, 435 vehicles stopped and searched, 14 public houses invaded and searched, convictions for invasion of land, convictions for tagging, 29 persons suspected of violation of court orders, mainly police expulsion orders, two orders for incarceration applied, 3 persons apprehended and photographed and even one helicopter (maybe precisely the one that according to Attorney-jester Buonocore we would have used in an attempted escape of our comrade Maurizio Alfieri from the Tolmezzo concentration camp?).
Already the name of the democratic and fascist operation, which also took place in other towns under different names (such as “Quiet Christmas “), gives the idea of the Orwellian dynamics that move the  puppets in uniform of the psycho-police: “Safe Christmas”, “Quiet  Christmas “,”good school “,”law enforcement”, ” humanitarian wars”, “democracy for export”, “freedom is slavery “, “War is peace” …

The blue dogs the new repressive operation of these days have been unleashed by the new superintendent Claudio Crakovia, who now sits on the throne of the Far West of former superintendent Tozzi). Accomplices: the Reichssicherheitshauptamt-police headquarters, the office of the Cabinet, the flying squad, Cividale and Tolmezzo police headquarters, highway patrol and railway police, the crime department, the carabinieri, the SS-Rasse-und-Siedlungshauptamt immigration department, the Padua department for Crime prevention, the court of Udine and the Financial Guard.
True to the orders given by the fascists of Fogna Nuova [New Sewer, wordplay on Forza Nuova], that with an authorized demonstration a month ago in Udine (while the antifascists were prevented from demonstrating in the centre and and were
attacked by the Digos at the station) asked for more cops in the station against the migrants, the new Obergruppenführer Cracovia ordered  to step up controls in the Borgo station area, also with dogs (not those in uniform) drug squad, stopping and harassing  the normal passengers coming off trains. The huge result achieved by the police? 2.5 grams of cocaine stolen by the pigs (without wanting to offend our animal brothers) from a guy, knownto the authorities. What a scandal! What degradation! Help! 2.5  grams of cocaine!
“Our ambition is to make the Friuli less attractive to criminals,” said police chief Cracovia, announcing the tightening of controls in the area that will continue in the coming weeks and that will extend beyond the capital, to
monitor the areas most exposed to crime against property.
Our goal instead is to destroy your assets and  we will respond to your arrests calling for a cardiac one [heart attack] for you!
via informazione – Translated by Act for freedom now!

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