Spain – Words from anarchist comrade Francisco Solar


  A year has passed since police stormed our flat yelling: ‘Have you got something hot?’ I was surprised and at the same time it
made me laugh. Then we realized that they meant a trap using an explosive device, which made us laugh even more.
For a year I’ve been held hundreds of kilometres away from my companion and during this time I have only been able to hear her voice for 5 minutes every 2 weeks.
For a year I’ve been locked up in solitary confinement in 3 different prisons of the kingdom of Spain. Prisons that base their management on psychiatry and cure prisoners to the point of annihilation, implementing total control of communication and contact with the outside. In these prisons of the developed world priority is given to impersonal contact with the outside as any physical contact is strictly limited, contrary to my experience in the Chilean prisons. The possibility of being with your people is out of the question in places like this.
For a year solidarity has always been there, in particular from the anarchists of Barcelona, who have destroyed separation and isolation with their determination and initiative. They have  demonstrated that solidarity is not an empty word, that it is inseparable from all our practices of struggle for total liberation.
And in the face of this, power has once again distinguished itself;  it doesn’t have the faintest idea of what keeps us together. The hardships they inflict on us make us stronger, we know each other better in difficult  times and learn to know each other even more, and we laugh more at what  we thought was insurmountable. If we decide to confront the State it is  because we decided to stop living on our knees a long time ago.
Francisco Solar
13th November 2014
From RadioAzione
Translated by act for freedom now

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