Greece: Incendiary attack against a tax office (Thessaloniki, 15/12/2014)


At dawn of Monday 15.12.2014 we placed an incendiary device at the 7th tax office of Thessaloniki.
First of all, we’d like to make clear that we did not carry out this attack to defend any “wretch” who in addition to his debts he is also being choked by injustice, as taxes become more and more unaffordable, but despite all these, he still prefers the safety of his home.
We represent ourselves and ourselves alone. In addition, we don’t care about presenting an economic analysis about the role and operation of tax offices. We find it tedious to expend in economic figures or percentages. After all, life is not measured in numbers, but in emotions and intensity.
Tax offices, however, operate in favor of the state (as they act as the main source of revenue) and because of that, they are targets for us.
We want to destroy whatever maintains the state, domination and the existing civilization.
As part of the multi-forms anarchist struggle, we believe that direct action promotes the revolutionary process and is part of the revolutionary activity.
P.S. The action is dedicated to the memory of Sebastian Oversluij who fell  dead by the bullets of a bastard during an attempt to expropriate a bank in Chile, and also to the comrades who are persecuted in the context of the Pandora Operation in Spain.


Translated by Inter Arma

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