An Update and a Note From recently released Political Prisoner, Eric McDavid!


Dear friends and comrades! We just wanted to send you a quick update from/about Eric. Below you will find info about how to write Eric, how to donate to post-release funds, and a note from Eric!
The outpouring of support we have received from all across the world has been incredible. Thank you all so much. We are in tears several times a day from reading your kind notes, emails and texts full of love and solidarity. So many of you have asked what you can do now to support Eric post-release.
Thank you for knowing and understanding the importance of continued support! If you would like to write Eric or send him care packages, you can send them to: Eric McDavid c/o SPS PO Box 163126 Sacramento, CA 95816 We are still accepting donations through the PayPal account on Eric’s website.
You can find a link at:
Thank you all for your continued love and solidarity!
Yours, Sacramento Prisoner Support
And now…
i cannot begin this without an over flowingly gushing heartfelt thanks for the amazing support, aid, and solidarity provided by so many people from so many places – seeing me through these past 9 years to bring me home… tears of release and joy will continue to wet my cheeks –

i don’t wipe them away… the folks at Sacramento Prisoner Support have never wavered in going above and beyond while enduring all the pressures that come from moving contrary to what the FBI had considered a closed case – i love you all so dearly. to my habeas attorneys, mark and ben, your work on this process certainly hasn’t changed my view of the legal system – but it has proven to me that humyns can actually survive the bar with their strong and beautiful hearts intact, still connected, and persevering as a guiding force in their lives = ‘thank you’ will never be enough, i love you both… surviving these last 9 years has brought me to a new understanding of patience and how it can be passionate, thereby sustaining the need for a longer view; one that will continue to help me as i move into aiding those still held behind razor wire fences, concrete, and steel… so many others have cases as ridiculous as my own – some much worse, and have been in for decades; a number i met personally and others i dream of meeting upon their release.
thank you all so much for all of your love and support as i begin to move into this next phase of my life.
i’ll be in touch again soon
. for now i hope to focus on spending time with my loved ones and reconnecting with the community that i love and have missed for so long.
too much love
. find UR joy

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