Modena, Italy – Bugging device found at Laboratorio Libertario Ligéra


From Anarchici pistoiesi
Translated by act for freedom now
1lig3ligOn Thursday 18th December we found a bug inside a neon light attached to the ceiling at Laboratorio Libertario Ligéra, consisting of three 9-volt batteries joined together with insulating tape, with a microphone and antenna at each end.
As social tensions get worse day by day, eavesdroppers orchestrated by hysterical prosecutors are hard at work to repress moments of conflictuality where trajectories of conflict and a radical critique of all forms of exploitation are resolutely pursued. No victimism, we are not going to seek any kind of compromise with whatever institutional and authoritarian entity, we will have no dialogue with them; consequently we are not asking to be treated fairly or with respect. We are aware of the fact that power aims at eliminating any form of dissent in order to preserve itself, hampering relations of affinity and solidarity, criminalizing anyone who opposes it pitting themselves against public opinion, now totally brainwashed by the politics of security.
We won’t be intimidated by the machinery of repression and will continue to be on the side of those who obstruct the continuation of this alienating existent day by day undeterred.
Laboratorio Libertario Ligéra

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