Greece: Text by Nikos Romanos in solidarity with Dimitris Ch.


Inter Arma received and translated:
Since recently, we watch the two candidate govermental poles engaging in a communicative conflict in the face of the parliamentary elections about the future management of the Greek state. On the one hand are the managers of fear that roam from tv channel to tv channel talking about eminent disasters and on the other hand the vendors of hope that sell their merchandise to all those desperate and gullible people that envision a welfare state like the ones other European countries have, where exploitation is masked with social benefits.
In this political context, the state has unleashed a new anti-terrorist campaign that is presented through the media as a well-directed action movie where the cops come out as the winners. The final act of this poorly set scenario took place yesterday. On Friday morning, the cops barged into a wing of Avlona prison, searched only the cells of some of my former fellow prisoners and very good friends and confiscated telephone books, phone cards, personal notes and other personal things.
Some time later, my dear friend Dimitris Ch., who had received his regular prison leave and his wife, are arrested, while a search at his house takes place simultaneously. The search is carried out in Korydallos prison where the prison remained closed from noon until next day’s morning. EKAM (police special forces) conducted targeted raids in various cells of political and criminal prisoners in A and F wards. Of course it’s not by chance that the cops’ intervention was announced in the news before it even started, confirming the communicative aspect and the political exploitation of the police raids by the state. Raids in Larisa, Domokos and Trikala prisons by EKAM also followed, always under the blessing of local prosecutors and prison authorities.
But behind the political expediencies of domination, there is pain, sorrow and rage beyond description. D.CH is a friend with whom I have shared joys and sorrows behind the bars of captivity. A man who, for those who know, has already payed with 20 cursed years of imprisononment from his life, his choice to honor his friendships. A beautiful person that has nothing to do with the labels the suit-wearing crows of the media give to him. A friend who I will support until the end because he would do the same for me.
Because the pigs of the real mafia, politicians, cops, judges frame him just before the end of his prolonged nightmare of imprisonment just because they want to see him coming out their prison brothels as a broken man.
But he laughs best who laughs last.
Μitsaras my brother strength and courage
Nikos Romanos
Korydallos Prison

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