Ferrara, Italy – Gathering outside the prison


Translated by act for freedom now
volantino-ferrara-copia_543x768Against prison as an institution of repression and social model, solidarity with all the imprisoned comrades
To power prison has always been a laboratory for the creation and experimentation of social control. Schools, factories and hospitals are based on the architectural and disciplinary model of prison. The intention has always been to accumulate bodies, which in turn is an essential prerogative for the accumulation of capital.
This implies control and repression that are constantly carried out on various levels and have been developing throughout the time. Among the latest developments of the technology of repression are the reform of the prison system based on differentiation, a reform promoted by the Emilia Romagna region, and the extension of article 42 bis to political prisoners.
On one hand a dangerous ‘zoology of the delinquent’ is created in order to classify that part of the population incompatible with ‘normality’, considered more important than the individual.
On the other hand repression is being intensified against all the forces of social change that really struggle against exploitation of man over man and the earth. If prison used to criminalize political struggles now it turns it into terrorism. It has never been so easy to be labelled as terrorists.
The ‘hard prison’ of Ferrara, where anarchist comrades are locked up in the high surveillance [AS2] unit, represents one of the most outstanding examples of this repressive and punitive reasoning. We think it necessary to point out the existence of the State oppressing machine of normalization and denounce it in this place and symbolically in all other prisons.
We also think it necessary to express our most heartfelt solidarity with comrades Michele, Adriano, Graziano, Lucio, Francesco, Nicola and Alfredo. Recently they struggled against more restrictions imposed by the prison guards on sociality and the exercise yard, and have won.
Our solidarity also goes to the comrades raided in Bologna following acts of sabotage on the TAV carried out in the month of December. We also want to struggle against all forms of snitching and defaming, which are inevitable accomplices of power’s repression.
 25th January, 3:30pm: gathering outside the prison of Ferrara (Via Arginone)

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