The translation of texts, letters, comuniqués, etc. so that comrades in countries around the world can read about the  ideas and projectuality of comrades elsewhere – and also the repressive attempts of the enemy to silence them – is one more weapon at our disposal.
Full flaming solidarity to our anarchist comrades in Croatia and to the comrades in Italy!
Anarchists from Act For Freedom now!


Received and translated to English by
Act for freedom now!


On the morning of January 23, 2015 agents of the Croatian secret services – SOA – turned up here because they wanted to talk to me about my site, RadioAzione Croatia, and to my husband, anarchist comrade, Italian citizen, who runs and also hosts other anarchist sites (including RadioAzione), threatening him with expulsion.
Their discourse began with threats concerning my personal relationships, both current and future, assuming that these are and will only be realized with anarchists, not Croatian of course, warning me that Croatia has no intention of becoming a haunt for people who are a problem for their countries of origin. Here the reference to my relationship with the comrade of RadioAzione Italy is clear.
Of course the threats are not limited to my relationships with comrades, they also warn me that any foreign national who comes to visit me in Croatia in the future, anarchist or not, will be treated as suspicious. And then they get lost in the usual threats concerning my parents, my position as unemployed, possible raids, arrests etc.
Their intention was to intimidate me by threatening to isolate me here in Croatia, far from my ” Italian and Greek friends” (an expression that they used several times). Because they are well aware of the fact that I could not expect any cooperation, activities or whatever with the local movement.
They also tell me that they know other anarchists in Croatia, but that they, unlike me, do not constitute a problem, that I am a unique and singular case for these territories (hinting that other anarchists in Croatia do not care much for my ideas). And that they are also aware of the fact that I was the one to introduce insurrectionalist theories into these territories and beyond years ago, with translations of some texts of Alfredo M. Bonanno. A point that they particularly stressed.
It should be noted that the texts in question were published in the Serbo-Croatian section of the web site The Anarchist Library, “Anarhistička Biblioteka”, and that they have been distributed in the past in pamphlet form.
They were very curious about the theories of Bonanno, his role and influence in the Italian anarchist movement and beyond, and also on the differences within the same between “anarchists and insurrectionalists”, and “the FAI”.
At this point, I suggested that they ask their Italian colleagues, as it is all too obvious they are the ones that are orchestrating everything. Although the interest of the Croatian authorities concerning me and the comrade goes back many years according to the information in their possession on both, probably collected from mail, interceptions, controls etc.
Another text that troubled them is my translation of Alfredo Cospito’s declaration, “From the belly of Leviathan”, also published on the website Anarhistička Biblioteka in booklet form (along with Nicola Gai’s declaration) entitled “Attack on nuclear energy “. What worries them about this text is the fact that the Krško nuclear power plant, situated on the Slovenian-Croatian border (in Slovenia), near the Croatian capital of Zagreb, is mentioned.
At this point they came to my “collaboration” with the Italian Anarchist Black Cross and my activities of solidarity and support to my “Italian and Greek friends” in prison.
It should also be noted that both in my case and that of the comrade, attention was turned for a moment to the Zagreb Anarchist Bookfair. In my case, specifically, when Operation “Ardire” and the Adinolfi case were presented (to the dismay and indignation of many).
As for my site, RadioAzione Croatia, it is obviously all “problematic”, my translations of claims, texts, letters etc.
The two agents also tried to formulate something coherent on the FAI in Greece (and beyond), but without success.
Leaving aside the two’s other theorems and delusions, such as the links with music (punk) and food (vegetarianism / veganism) and anarchism.
A summary in as few lines as possible of what happened, I shall not dwell on any analysis, which I leave to the readers of this text.
The only thing I would like to point out, deduced from this conversation, is that, the secret services being involved, it is a project at international level (only a few weeks ago a report from the Ministry of the Czech Republic on the relationship between “extremists” of Central-Eastern Europe and Greece was translated from the Polish counter information site Grecja w ogniu, and published on RadioAzione Croatia, RadioAzione Italy and Act For Freedom Now).
Threats aside, they seemed to be probing the possibility of the creation of an Italian-Croatian-Greek “cell” (???) in Croatia.
It seems more than obvious that their colleagues in other countries (especially in Italy) are following and trying to build (nothing new) “international terrorism” on the popular route between Italy and Greece, and are looking for connecting links.
Especially at this time of ” terrorist hysteria “in Europe.
The same day there was the news that Croatia (EU member State, but not part of the Schengen zone), as EU border, is intensifying and will step up border controls, because of “terrorism”; and the French premier’s presentation of the bill on national security, based on the US Patriot Act, passed after September 11.
And in the morning of January 25, just when the
SOA agents’ report reached their Italian colleagues, the comrade of RadioAzione Italy was already being stalked in the neighbourhood where he lives while shopping at the market.
Erika – RadioAzione[Croazia]


RadioAzione, Italy – “To be or not to be…that’s not our question”


Translated by Act for freedom now!cropped-test1
– “Virtual relations…”
– “Close relations between Italian, Croatian and Greek anarchists for the creation of a cell of attack”
– “Virtual struggles…”
– “Instigation to attack a nuclear power plant situated between Slovakia and Croatia”
– “Internet-addicts writing down their shit, locked in their bedrooms full of stale air …”
– “Translation and distribution of texts considered dangerous as they praise total destruction of the existent”
 Everybody, from anarchists to “James Bonds” (I want to clarify that this is not a comparison), thinks they know what we are and what we do.
In respect to the many inferences of those who claim the right of knowing the way we are, we place ourselves well beyond that.
In the face of so much imagination, we can only laugh.
We laugh at all this.
We laugh but at the same time we carry on the project of RadioAzione, not as we’ve been doing so far but with much more anger.
We’ll carry on spreading the texts of comrades who decided to go on the attack, and we hope these texts will give inspiration to more attacks on the structures of power and its watchdogs.
We’ll carry on showing solidarity with the comrades imprisoned all over the world, and we’ll move around between your borders in the way we want because the individual is uncontrollable if and when he/she wants.
Thank you for escorting me during my shopping at the market… very kind of you but I have no need of you whatsoever. Between you and me, the one who’s not welcome in the neighbourhood is not me, so next time you’d better be the escorts of yourselves.
Do you want to know what we think of direct action?
The website name (Radio – Azione) should give you an idea of this, but as the jokes on cops are not there by chance, you can still read the website and analyse it. What we publish is also what we mostly agree with.
Do you need to know the name behind the RadioAzione domain?
Maybe he’s the one you accompanied while he was shopping for bread and cigarettes, otherwise you wouldn’t have worked extra time on Sunday.
I bought some bread and you brought a loaf home… I hope you choked…
In solidarity and complicity with Erika [RadioAzione Croatia] and the comrade of “The Anarchist Library” who hosts us on his server “anarhija.net“, who both received a visit from unpleasant persons from SOA (Croatian Intelligence Services).
 RadioAzione, 27th January 2015

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