RadioAzione, Italy – “To be or not to be…that’s not our question”


Translated by Act for freedom now!cropped-test1
– “Virtual relations…”
– “Close relations between Italian, Croatian and Greek anarchists for the creation of a cell of attack”
– “Virtual struggles…”
– “Instigation to attack a nuclear power plant situated between Slovakia and Croatia”
– “Internet-addicts writing down their shit, locked in their bedrooms full of stale air …”
– “Translation and distribution of texts considered dangerous as they praise total destruction of the existent”
 Everybody, from anarchists to “James Bonds” (I want to clarify that this is not a comparison), thinks they know what we are and what we do.
In respect to the many inferences of those who claim the right of knowing the way we are, we place ourselves well beyond that.
In the face of so much imagination, we can only laugh.
We laugh at all this.
We laugh but at the same time we carry on the project of RadioAzione, not as we’ve been doing so far but with much more anger.
We’ll carry on spreading the texts of comrades who decided to go on the attack, and we hope these texts will give inspiration to more attacks on the structures of power and its watchdogs.
We’ll carry on showing solidarity with the comrades imprisoned all over the world, and we’ll move around between your borders in the way we want because the individual is uncontrollable if and when he/she wants.
Thank you for escorting me during my shopping at the market… very kind of you but I have no need of you whatsoever. Between you and me, the one who’s not welcome in the neighbourhood is not me, so next time you’d better be the escorts of yourselves.
Do you want to know what we think of direct action?
The website name (Radio – Azione) should give you an idea of this, but as the jokes on cops are not there by chance, you can still read the website and analyse it. What we publish is also what we mostly agree with.
Do you need to know the name behind the RadioAzione domain?
Maybe he’s the one you accompanied while he was shopping for bread and cigarettes, otherwise you wouldn’t have worked extra time on Sunday.
I bought some bread and you brought a loaf home… I hope you choked…
In solidarity and complicity with Erika [RadioAzione Croatia] and the comrade of “The Anarchist Library” who hosts us on his server ““, who both received a visit from unpleasant persons from SOA (Croatian Intelligence Services).
 RadioAzione, 27th January 2015

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